Snapcrap Provides a Convenient Way for You to Take Photos of Undesirable Waste on Pathways and Notify the City Authorities.


According to the United Nations, 892 million people defecate outdoors around the world, but the organization is primarily talking  about people in sub-Saharan Africa, China and India. I’m not American. And certainly not San Francisco. San Francisco is so affected by public waste that major cities simply had to set up a “slurry patrol” to clear human waste from the streets. Therefore, it is not surprising that pedestrians have to take two steps against large amounts of human excrement.

As of Wednesday this year, people reported an astonishing 24,456 feces to the 311 call center in San Francisco. This is an increase from 20,913 reports in 2017. However, a dedicated team of six men or women is constantly trying to find the trash, but the challenge doesn’t seem to be resolved. That’s why technology and its  neighbors decided to fight  shit by launching an innovative new application called Snapcrap.

Users of the new Snapcrap app can take pictures of human waste on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco and email it to the city planning department to start cleaning. The Snapcrap app uses your mobile phone’s GPS to pinpoint the exact location of your excrement. It was released for iOS last week and for Android on Tuesday.

You can look at recent tickets to see if the issue has been resolved. By replacing the ghost sticker with poop, the app follows Snapchat’s visual style. While traveling from Vermont to San Francisco, Snapcrap developer Shawn Miller told the Los Angeles Times that he came up with the idea for the app when he realized he had to constantly clean human and animal feces.

The application is convenient. But the crappy workers in town may not be very comfortable. Users can take a picture of the trash on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco, email it to the city planning department, and start cleaning up with the new Snapcrap app. Released on iOS last week and  Android last Tuesday, the Snapcrap application uses your phone’s GPS  to figure out where it is. You can also track recent tickets to see if the issue has been resolved. The app’s theme logo replaces Snapchat’s eerie logo.

The free software,  available to iOS users on Tuesday, requires users to take pictures of dirty sidewalks and street shit before reporting a city phone line. Works like Snapchat. Instead of taking a selfie with your friends, you can send a Dookie photo directly to your local government. You need to make sure that SnapCrap is really damaging San Francisco shit.

San Francisco poop receives 65 reports of trampling and trampling human poop daily. However, a cocoa-themed app called Smart doesn’t solve the problem until the city tackles a basic health problem. I would like to see what Shitstagram and Facebook look like.

Snapchat… Or snapcrap

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