Would It Be Possible to Have More of Nezuko in the Demon Slayer Series? We All Would Love to See More of Her!


Nezuko Kamado is one of the most interesting characters of the hit new anime, Demon Slayer, and we should be getting more of her at any cost. She is the younger sister of the title character of the series, Tanjiro, and one of the last members of his family line.

She showed up and immediately won the hearts of anime fans everywhere. Because of the method, she showed up and her past she has quickly become this anime season’ character that everybody is saying, “must be protected at all costs”. Honestly, they’re right, and there is a lot of reasons that it’s ‘s true. Here are some reasons why? 

1. Her personality is simply irreplaceable. 

Similar to the other very little kids, Nezuko’s personality is extremely kind and caring. it had been seen and claimed that she was the sort of kid that might continuously have confidence. She has far more capabilities to think about herself and so would do a great deal to create others happy.

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She was a lot like her older brother, Tanjiro. She was an accountable older sister that was always there for her younger siblings, again, a lot like her massive brother.

2. Fans are rooting for her to return to normal. 

Nezuko modified to a great deal once she became a demon. She forgot a decent little bit of her recollections from her life as a human with that of her family. This leads to her personality receiving somewhat of an overhaul. Whereas she remains caring and protective. This, of course, makes fans hope that she will somehow come back absolutely to the lady she once was. Solely time will tell if she is going to reach this goal, however.

3. She’s simply a Badass 

After Nezuko’s evil transformation, she quickly became one every of the foremost badass characters within the series and has been in quite a few fights throughout the story. This is mostly because of her new type dynamic and her temperament and giving her a decent arrangement of the latest skills. These abilities include increased strength, a healing factor, size manipulation, power restoration, and of course, her impressive Blood Demon Art Bakketsu or Exploding Blood.


To watch Nezuko finally get all of her recollections back can be one of the most important payoffs in anime. It might truly be an excellent finale to ascertain her move with Tanjiro and their new friends after all they’ve been through whereas she’s a 10 on 10 to her recent and caring self that everybody saw at the start of the anime. Whereas the conclusion would in all probability be even as robust if Nezuko didn’t get her memories back, it’d be even a lot of satisfying to see her become her full self again.

5. Simply MEMES !! 

This is, of course, the elephant within the area however yes, one of the explanations that Nezuko is so in style. The character burst on the scene and blew up in quality due to the memes encompassing

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