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This page will explain what to expect from each of the five new game modes added to the Apex Legends playlist by the multifaceted War Games event, which was first introduced in Season 8.

Along with the War Games event, there is a reward track and challenges you can complete to receive rewards, including cosmetics that are only available during the event. The game modes Shield Regen, Killing Time, Auto Banners, Ultra Zones, and Second Chance are a part of the two-week-long War Games event.

Every game mode works as a Playlist modification rather than a time-limited mode (LTM). In other words, these modes modify the gameplay of the primary Battle Royale playlist rather than acting as a distinct entity or Playlist.
The active mode changed every few days during the two-week rotation of the War Games variants.


Whenever a player is actively suffering damage during a match, their shields will immediately regenerate. Shield Cells are eliminated from the treasure pool in this mode because shields charge passively. However, you can still find Phoenix Kits and Shield Batteries all over the map.

Shield regeneration happens at a rate of 12 points per second for you. There is an 8-second delay before you start to regenerate shields again if you have just received damage, and this delay is increased to 16 seconds if your shield breaks. Every elimination in Killing Time increases the tension. Particularly bloodthirsty rounds will be short-lived because of the round duration reduction that occurs when a player is eliminated, and the ring will soon be on your back.

The specifics of Killing Time are now unclear because it was taken out of the War Games cycle before it was ever put into action because of unforeseen problems.

Your squad will automatically retrieve the banners of your colleagues who have been eliminated in Auto Banners, making it much simpler to resurrect them with the Respawn Beacon. By raising the proportion of Mobile Respawn Beacons in the loot pool, this Playlist-modifier ups the ante. Auto Banners was active for a brief time during the first War Games, but it was also eliminated from the schedule because of unforeseen problems.


The Ultra Zones mode produces three Hot Zones across the battlefield, each of which contains Purple (Epic) and Gold (Legendary) treasure, as opposed to the single Hot Zone that is generally present in standard Battle Royale encounters. Triple the Hot Zone offers three times as many chances to find early-game high-tier goodies.

Each Hot Zone is flanked by a Flash Point to further encourage players to land there. As seen in the image above, a Flash Point is a huge glowing sphere that, when you are within its boundaries, restores your health and shield. The Ultra Zones option, in contrast to the Flash Point restricted game mode, preserves all healing items in the loot pool.


When a Legend is defeated in Second Chance, they utilize their one Respawn Token to reappear above the location of their defeat. The player will respawn in the air after 15 seconds, at which point they can skydive and land anywhere close to where they were eliminated.

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