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Even if you’re smart at writing, I feel you’d accept it as true with ME once I say that typos and customary descriptive linguistics mistakes happen. they’re not perpetually simple to avoid, particularly once we’re in a rush to travel back to scrolling on apps like Tik Tok. That’s why most folks would like to possess AN edit button in electronic communication and social media apps to vary the text if we tend to create a slip-up.

Taking this want into consideration, Apple currently permits its users to edit iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you’re AN iMessage user, there’s an honest likelihood you’d need to grasp a way to use this handy feature. thus let’s see how you’ll be able to edit text messages on your iPhone during this guide.

Edit Messages on iPhone iPad and Mac (2022)

Before hunting the steps, it’d be higher to search however the iMessage works and observe of the constraints.


Things to recollect Before redaction Messages

Firstly, the flexibility to edit already sent messages has been introduced with iOS sixteen, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura on all supported devices. And there are several small prints you ought to grasp before victimization this groovy feature in iMessage. These are:

To use this feature, not simply the sender but additionally the receiver has to be running the most recent version of iOS, iPad, or macOS on their devices.

If the recipient remains victimization iOS fifteen or earlier versions of the software package (iPadOS fifteen or earlier, macOS twelve or earlier), they’ll still see the initial message and not the amended version. So yeah, any edits you create to messages once put in the iOS sixteen developer beta won’t replicate for your friends on the stable iOS fifteen builds.
A major limitation of this feature is that Apple permits you to edit the Messages solely for up to fifteen minutes once causing the message.

You won’t see the edit choice if you are attempting dynamically the messages older than a quarter-hour.

You can edit your message as again and again as you wish within the stipulated time. to suggest that the sender modified the initial text message, each the sender and therefore the receiver can see AN “Edited” tag seem next to “Delivered” beneath the message within the spoken communication thread.

How to Edit Sent Messages on iPhone and iPad

1. Launch the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and open a spoken communication thread.

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2. Now, notice the recently sent message you’d prefer to edit. bear in mind that you simply solely have a quarter-hour to correct your mistake. So, long-press on the message and select “Edit” within the pop-up menu.

3. Now, you’ll be able to create the required changes to the text. Once you’re done redaction the message, faucet the “blue checkmark” to substantiate and save the edits.
4. Now, the amended text is presented to the recipient with the “Edited” tag beneath the message. And no, iMessage doesn’t save the message redaction history, thus your recent message is gone permanently.

How to Edit Sent Messages on mac

The steps to edit messages on your mac Book or different Mac devices are quite like the method on your iPhone. Here’s however it works:

1. Open the Messages app on your mac and navigate to a spoken communication thread.
2. Right-click on the message you wish to edit and select the “Edit” choice within the pop-up menu. instead, you’ll be able to “Ctrl + left-click” on the message to examine the pop-up menu.


3. Now, create the mandatory changes to your message and hit the blue checkmark to substantiate.

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