Apple March Event, is There Going to Be a Chance That We’ll Witness the Arrival of the Impressive New Iphone Se and 14 Pro in Pink?


Like the sixth Power Ranger, Apple has recently added a new color to its most recent iPhone line around this time. But in 2021, it was purple rather than green. While there are many reports that a new iPhone SE and a new Mac will be unveiled at Apple’s March presentation, there’s always a chance that the iPhone 13 series could also be mentioned briefly, perhaps with a new color to entice current or potential consumers to upgrade. When selecting a phone, colors might be a key consideration.

The color was an important consideration because I used to set up and sell smartphones in my past life. If the Space Black iPhone 7 wasn’t yet available, some people might be content to wait another two weeks before upgrading. The iPhone 13 Pro models, however, have the potential of drawing even more customers, maybe in a pink pro edition, even though the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3 have a strong probability of seeing a new hue.


It could make sense to see a lighter shade of pink for the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3, as this would distinguish both models during the event and continue the design stereotype that these phones are intended for users who desire the newest Apple products with vibrant colors. While the iPhone 12 received a new purple hue in 2021, the Red iPhone 8 debuted in 2018, thus this year may bring about changes to the iPhone line.

I was curious about what the 13 Pro would bring when I was intending to upgrade to it since the iPhone 11 Pro was unveiled in dark green and the iPhone 12 Pro in blue. However, even though I was pleased when this model debuted in September 2021 with a lighter shade of blue, I feel as though the line might still stand to gain from the addition of another new color.

A new color for the iPhone 13 Pro during the March 8 presentation would be more of a surprise than a new color for the iPhone SE 3. For instance, Rose Gold was popular in 2015, notably from Apple, with the 12-inch MacBook (2016) being the only Mac to do so thus far. The iPhone 6S also had this color.

This might be developed for the iPhone 13 Pro in a different shade of pink, which might have a different effect on the line. Something that is more subdued in color and complements the 13 Pro design would be preferable to a Pink Power Ranger-inspired hue.

However, there’s a chance that the event may throw us a curveball and we’ll just see an iPhone SE model in the same hues as the 2020 model. However, given Purple’s popularity among customers for the iPhone 12 model last year, there’s always a potential that a new hue will be introduced.

The new iPhone SE 3 with compatibility for 5G, the new iPad Air 5, a larger 27-inch iMac, an entry-level MacBook Pro that may include an improved M2 chip, and a new Mac mini that will probably use the company’s newest silicon chip are all anticipated from Apple. The Cupertino-based company may also issue several software updates, including iPad OS 15.4 and iOS 15.4, which will allow Face ID-enabled iPhones to be unlocked while wearing masks.

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