Uncovering the Finale of Britannia Season 3: Unravelling What Becomes of Cait? Know the Details


For fans of historical drama with a dash of fantasy, Sky’s Britannia has been a must-watch since it debuted on our screens in 2018. The long-awaited third season of Britannia premiered in 2021, and the new episode leans more toward magic and fantasy as the likelihood of a revolt against the Romans increases. The finale of Britannia season 3 has raised a lot of issues for viewers and needs to be clarified because the episodes are so full of visions, possessions, and a mystic spear.


Britannia’s third season premiered on Sky Atlantic on August 24 and has since been accessible via Now and on-demand. As Aulus and his wife, the seductive Hemple, arrive on the scene in the new season, the conflict between the Celtic tribes and the Roman invaders worsens even further.

Cait discovers that if she can locate the sacred Spear of the Silver Dawn—the same spear that stabbed Jesus during the Crucifixion—the Britannic tribes might be unified. The only issue is that only Lucius knows where it is, and that information is kept in close secrecy. Cait finds out that one of her allies is a traitor, which adds to the difficulty of the situation.

In episode 8, which has already passed, Cait is still looking for Lucius and his knowledge of the spear. She is accompanied by Ania, who is suffering from a hex Hemple has cast over her. Divis has a vision of Aulus capturing Cait while Divis, Rayne, and Phelan are being held captive by a group of druids for trespassing on their property.

When they are compelled to prove their druid credentials, Divis has a vision of Aulus capturing Cait. But when Cait fights back against the demon Lokka, Hemple’s hex on Ania is broken, but Ania gives up Cait.

The voices of Islene and Veran appear to Cait in a vision, telling her that the legions of the dead are with her. This could be the beginning of Cait’s journey to bring the Celtic tribes together. This sets up the dramatic finale of season 3 when Cait, backed by the forces of Queen Antedia, returns to the Roman camp to look for Lucius and learn about the spear.

Lucius whispers what he knows in Cait’s ear when she succeeds, but we are not allowed to hear what he says. Cait’s timing couldn’t have been better since Hemple joins her moments later, killing Lucius and injuring Cait. Cait is thankfully saved by Divis and the crew, who promptly transport her away from the camp and to safety. but only briefly.

The prophesied traitor has been revealed to be Divis himself, who was influenced by Hemple after Ania had wrapped some of the enigmatic red string around his toe in an earlier episode. It turns out that he was the one who gave Cait up, therefore the vision Divis had earlier in the episode of Aulus taking her was actually thanks to him.

We haven’t yet talked about the season’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger from the final scene of episode 8, in which Cait joins Aulus in Rome. If Britannia is really renewed, a fourth season might be possible given the ending in Rome and the unresolved storylines from episode 8, like the spear.

If Cait and Aulus remained in Rome, Britannia might perhaps play a minor role in season 4.

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