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Italian director Martina Pastori helmed ‘Under the Amalfi Sun’ (‘Sotto il sole di Amalfi’) with a journey film atmosphere and a familial warmth. The narrative, taking the activities ahead from ‘Under the Riccione Sun,’ follows the tumultuous romance of Vincenzo and Camilla. After her go back from Canada, Camilla heads instantly to a dreamy holiday to the coasts of Amalfi.

However, the vacation seems like a transit, as each should satisfy their goals and ambitions. Vincenzo has to make a drastic decision to dictate the path of his life. The film’s finale is jarring, and the shortage of light does now no longer help. If you need to tie free ends, allow us to dissect the final moments.


Vincenzo and Camilla are the central pair withinside the slick journey film. In the film’s beginning, exhilaration soars as Camilla reaches the shores of Amalfi from Canada. Vincenzo and Camilla had been in a long-distance relationship for pretty a while. Thus, Vincenzo is ecstatic to have Camilla by his side. People are more cautious around Vincenzo not to harm his emotions and remind him of his disability.

Vincenzo is visually impaired, that’s why he wears a couple of black glasses. When he is going out for a stroll, Camilla calls up Irene. Irene is on a surprise holiday in Amalfi together with her fiancee Lucio, however, Vincenzo does now no longer recognize approximately that.

When Camilla calls her up, Irene reaches the scene in an instant. Vincenzo is agitated that he must be schooled anyplace he is going. He is at an age beyond having bodyguards, however, Irene issues a chunk of an excessive amount of approximately Vincenzo’s condition. Vincenzo celebrates his birthday with Camilla on a non-public dinner date, however, Furio brings extra company.

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The following morning, Camilla and Irene make a respectable acquaintance. However, Camilla is sitting at the huge news of getting an offer for a coaching assistantship in her Canadian college. Irene knows that Camilla has goals to satisfy and wishes Camilla to think via her selection.


In the meantime, Camilla, Nathalie, Hans, Furio, and Rebecca go biking. Vincenzo is uninvited due to the fact he can’t experience a bike. However, from a neighbor, Vincenzo receives to recognize that Camilla requested her to borrow the bike. Vincenzo throws a shape in view that he dislikes Camilla’s mendacity or hiding matters from him.

He will become greater disappointed when he knows that Camilla is scared of him. It is the ultimate aspect Vincenzo wishes. However, while all of us appear interested in ourselves, Lucio takes a day trip to offer Vincenzo diving enjoyment.

The diving enjoyment is liberating, reminding Vincenzo of their want for freedom. He sends a voice message to Camilla, asking her to fetch her goals. In the end, the electrician employs a few theatricalities by turning off the city’s mild. Under the whole moon, Vincenzo takes Camilla to a cave, and the instant feels magical for the duo. After the epiphany, we additionally see Camilla giving biking classes to Vincenzo.

In the end, they find 4 one-way tickets to Canada, courtesy of Furio. With the revelation, it appears Vincenzo moves to Canada with Camilla, and their circle of relatives probably follows him. Therefore, a sequel appears imminent.

Vincenzo’s mother, Irene, has her separate tale arc. After a sour divorce with Vincenzo’s father, Roberto, Irene is seeking out new beginnings in life. She has continually been a chunk too afraid to start the new. But she reputedly unearths the braveness withinside the end. Irene involves Amalfi together along with her skilled suitor Lucio.

They had been approximate to visit Sicily, however, Lucio modified the plans at the very last moment. They do now no longer discover an inn on the primary night time, having to spend the nighttime withinside the car. However, the adventure is outwardly really well worth it. Lucio later exhibits that he desired to return to Amalfi in view that he attempted to invite Irene’s hand in marriage.

And Lucio sought to accomplish that withinside the presence of Vincenzo in view that his approval is likewise crucial for Lucio. After the diving enjoys, Vincenzo reputedly aspects with Lucio and blesses the aged couple to start their lives anew. However, even after attempting his best, Lucio unearths Irene and Roberto getting interested in every other. He takes a step back, leaving the inn, leaving a notice for Irene.

He says he’ll make do. The concise, unhappy letter makes Irene chase after Lucio. In a curious flip of fate, Roberto drives Irene to Lucio’s yacht simply earlier than it leaves the quay. Irene manages to get Lucio to deboard the vessel, and withinside the end, they probably turn out to be together.

Nathalie and Furio’s fates appear obscured in the direction of the end, or do they? Nathalie is caught in a probable triangle equation with Furio and Hans. While Hans is conventionally lovely with a pointy jawline and a few swaggers, Furio is the results easily humorous. From the beginning, Furio units his eyes on Rebecca, a person manner above his league. However, while being neglected, Furio learns to face his ground.

On the cycling tour, Rebecca asks Furio to click on some pix of her, then disapproves of the photographs. Furio is livid for the primary time, and Nathalie develops a liking for Furio. She additionally confides in Furio approximately her private insecurities, which include her weight problems and her emotions toward Hans.

After the nocturnal kiss withinside the warm tub, Hans additionally appears bloodless to Nathalie. And withinside the cycling excursion, Nathalie says that Hans best cares approximately himself, worsening the situation. However, from Hans’ mother, Nathalie learns how he has become aloof after the passing away of his father. Nathalie apologizes to Hans, and they take to each other withinside the end. On the opposite hand, Furio does now no longer turn out to be with Rebecca.

However, he meets a younger waitress named Anna. She is inclined to offer Furio every other danger of mind-analyzing even though Furio makes all the incorrect assumptions first. With the conjecture, Furio appears to land with Anna.


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