Minecraft Players, Looking to Spawn the Wither With Ease in 2023? Just Follow These Simple Steps and You’ll Be Able to Tackle


The Ender Dragon is generally regarded as the game’s main antagonist by those who are familiar with Minecraft, although the Wither is possibly just as challenging, if not more so. The Wither also gives a better prize.

It’s the only place to get nether stars, which are needed to make one of the game’s most helpful items—beacons—by crafting them. Here is a thorough explanation of how to summon the Wither because it takes a lot of preparation to take on the three-headed enemy.

Collect three wither skeleton skulls

The hardest and longest phase of the process is gathering wither skulls. Wither skeletons are a hostile mob that can only be found at nether strongholds, and they drop wither skeleton skulls.

Wither skeletons are a challenging enemy to defeat. The dangerous wither effect they use causes all hearts in the health bar to turn black and repeatedly harm players with each direct strike. The health gauge turns dark, making it difficult to see how low your health is until it’s too late, and this impact can quickly kill people.

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There is only a 2.5% base chance for every wither skeleton slain to drop a wither skull. The maximum withers skull drop chance with Looting III is still a pitiful 5.5 percent, even if players utilize the Looting enchantment, which raises the percentage by 1% for each level of looting. As a result, anyone who wants to battle the Wither will have to be persistent and possibly kill a lot of wither skeletons before they can gather the three skulls they want.

Collect four blocks of soul sand or soil

As long as you have access to a Nether portal and can locate a soul sand valley biome, this is usually a rather simple assignment. Simply use my four soul sand or soil bricks with a shovel or your hand after discovering a soul sand valley.

Although soul sand valley biomes are rather widespread and simple to locate in the Nether, occasionally you get a terrible Nether spawn and are unable to locate one no matter how hard you look. If this is the case, search any nether castle’ stairwells for nether wart gardens.

Players can get the blocks of soul sand by smashing the nether wart and mining the sand, which is where the wart grows. Players can also search bastion remnants for soul sand because nether wart gardens can occasionally be discovered there.

Withers, assemble

Make sure you are far away from any buildings, animals, villagers, or other such entities you care about before beginning this phase. To defeat The Wither, select a location you don’t mind having destroyed because it will destroy everything in its path.

First, arrange the four soul sands or soils into a short “T” shape, as seen in the illustration below, to call forth the Wither.


After that, set the three withered skeleton skulls on top of the three blocks of earth or sand that represent the souls.


Take against the terrifying Wither, which is trying to obliterate everyone and everything in its path.

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