Modders Unearth the Secret Behind Elden Ring’s Most Challenging Boss: It Used to Be Even Harder!


Modders Discover Elden Ring’s Toughest Boss Used To Be Even Tougher

Elden Ring is in no state or form of easy play, and most players will struggle to complete the game. This is due to the expansive nature of the title and the number of enemies and types of enemies that players must face during their journey. From minions to bosses, there are countless them in the game and players will have to kill most of them to complete the story of the game.


One of the bosses in Elden Ring, Melania, is considered one of the toughest bosses in the entire game. What if we told you that this boss was designed to be even harder in earlier versions of the game? It was then toned down to match the skill level of the vast majority of players. Professional data miner, kotn3l, has gone through the intact 1.0 version of the game and provided players with new details about Melania.

The version that this data miner was going through was created before the network test of the title, this version is from October 8, 2021. The first thing he noticed was many details of the game that differed from the final version. He noticed that the locations of enemies and items were different, item descriptions were either missing or completely different, the AI ​​files were different, and even the UI was changed slightly.

The main goal of this process was to determine the difference between the unpolished version of Melania, Blade of Miquela, and its final version. One of her favorite attacks, Waterfowl Dance, which she can only perform after 20% of her health drops in the final version, was able to be performed at will in an earlier version of the game without the attack being tied to her health.

The data miner also saw that Melania will block attacks more regularly compared to the final version of the game. The combos she used in the phase 1 fight with her were different and she also seemed more aggressive. The data miner also discovered that the attack we know as the waterfowl dance was originally called Melania’s blade. She had two swords and both could be done in close succession if the AI ​​wanted to as well.

In phase 2 of her fight, the data miner found that her Boom Explosion attack was slightly slower. The Aeonia attack was much more prevalent in Phase 2 compared to the final version of the game. The data miner also noted that she had no death dialogues. All in all, players should be glad that Melania was nerfed, as most players of this game would find her an incredible fight.

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