Despite the Heartbreaking Fact That Lenora Hills Does Not Exist, It Remains a Place of Wonder and Enchantment in Our Hearts.


Unfortunately, for people with their hopes up, Lenora Hills isn’t an actual location in California. Similar to Hawkins, Indiana, it’s all made up withinside the minds of the Duffer Brothers. To be the bearer of greater terrible news, the gang didn’t even film in California; scenes for Lenora Hills had been shot in New Mexico.

The name of the actual-existing high school is referred to as Eldorado High School, that’s placed in Albuquerque and it’s now no longer the best filming area special to its on-display counterpart. Other filming places for season four consist of Atlanta, Georgia for the Hawkins scenes and Vilnius, Lithuania for those in Russia.


According to Screen Rant, all of the scenes primarily based totally in Indiana are filmed in Georgia. The maximum familiar scenes, the suburbs the youngsters stay in, are filmed withinside the suburbs of Atlanta. The Wheeler, Henderson, and Sinclair homes are all filmed around East Point, Georgia, alongside the enduring bike-driving scenes which had been shot nearby.


Then there are the downtown and library scenes that are filmed in Jackson, Georgia.

A new and essential location that’s additionally filmed in Rome, Georgia, is Creel House, which is called after Pennhurst Mental Hospital patient Victor Creel, who performed in the show through the only and best Nightmare on Elm Street legend Robert Englund.

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The residence is similarly vintage in actual existence too. The ancient Claremont House is an antique Victorian home, first constructed in 1882, and formerly became an operating mattress and breakfast sixteen years earlier than getting used for Stranger Things. Unlike the display, in which the residence is quite worn, the Claremont House is stated to be fairly well-kept.



At the cease of season 3, it became found out Hopper didn’t die and became genuinely taken with the aid of using the Russians – and with all of the snow and Russian-speakme humans withinside the clip, it’s cautioned he became taken to the Soviet Union.

It’s found out in season four that he became genuinely taken to an area known as Kamchatka, in Russia. Like Lenora Hills, the display has had humans thinking if it’s an actual vicinity. Reveal: it is. There is genuinely an area known as Kamchatka.

The Kamchatka Peninsula is placed withinside the Russian Far East, that’s throughout the Bering Strait from Alaska. But did they move to this area? No. The scenes primarily based totally in Russia are genuinely filmed in Lithuania.

The Russian scenes had been filmed in an area known as Vilnius – which became a reality in which many scenes had been filmed for the HBO hit collection Chornobyl.

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