Get Ready for a Blockbuster Episode of Emmerdale Next Week! Unravel the Juicy Details With Our Exclusive Spoilers Today.


In today’s article, what’s coming up next week? We here at Gizmotable bring you some huge and interesting spoilers for next week that is (8 August to 12 August). For now, all we can say in the first paragraph itself is that some heartwarming scenes are coming up as Marlon and Rhona’s wedding day arrives.

The Spoilers:-

Starting with some hospital scenes, here is our first huge spoiler-

Marlon is admitted to the hospital again!

As the wedding day comes closer, Marlon is at a stag party where his legs suddenly buckle and fall onto the floor. When Paddy suggests that his best friend must be taken to the hospital immediately, he agrees on one condition that his fiancee Rhona does not find out. While he is being informed in the hospital that he has high blood pressure, he is concerned that he might miss out on the whole ceremony altogether due to potential health risks.

Rhona’s loved ones try to distract her.

On the wedding day when Marlon is to be found nowhere. Rhona starts getting a little nervous. To make situation worse, the hospital is nowhere willing to discharge Marlon and the situation is under serious threat. While Rhona’s loved ones Vanessa and Mary team up together to find multiple ways to distract Rhona, everybody takes a sigh of relief when Marlon shows up in time.

Marlon walks down the aisle.

Marlon had recently made a personal vow to walk Rhona down the aisle at the church. Everyone is shaken and touched when Marlon gets up from his wheelchair and heads down the aisle toward his wife-to-be.

Gabby’s new man turns out to be someone familiar!

Gabby matches with a man who is “Chris” on social media. Well, guess what? The guy turned out to be Kit that Laurel is currently dating. Kit spends the night with Gabby who is unaware of his relationship with Laurel. While on the other hand, he swiftly manages to maintain both his relationships.

The kit is caught red-handed!

While Kit continues to cheat on both Laurel and Gabby, he does not know that someone is going to find out his “not so little” secret soon, As they say, your bad deeds always come back to haunt you, Kit learned his lesson when he was found romanticizing with Gabby at the Home Farm.

Vanessa speaks to Suzy

The twists and turns continue for Vanessa and Suzy’s on-off relationship. After hearing some new information, Vanessa realizes that she needs to speak to Suzy.

There were some interesting spoilers for the upcoming Emmerdale week.

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