What Happened To Misty Loman? Drugs And Recovery In 2022


What Happened To Misty Loman

Unquestionably, the Wisconsin sheriff who distributed Misty Loman’s pictures did it with good motives. He wanted to show how using drugs has an adverse effect on the body. However, the Sheriff omitted to mention Misty’s bone cancer, scleroderma, and lupus. Fortunately, those who knew Misty mentioned her health issues, bringing people together to support Loman.

Authorities detained Misty when she arrived for court in a drug-induced state. They claim to have discovered illegal drugs on her.

While the Sheriff intended to deter drug use, he also succeeded in making people feel bad for Misty, which led to her receiving the necessary assistance.

Free From Drugs And Road To Recovery

Misty Loman’s struggles in life led her to use drugs and commit crimes. After learning she had lost three boys, doctors found she had cancer and autoimmune diseases. Loman planned to use drugs until she died. In her words to WBKO:

“I had no intentions. I meant to do drugs till I passed away. The doctors told me I didn’t have long to live, so I just lost control. I couldn’t see any way out. I was in such a bad mood. I struggled to get up. I completely lost my hair because it was that bad. They were lost, my kids. I had no home. I had reached my lowest ebb.”

what happened to misty loman

Loman knew she could ask for aid, but she was too broken to do so. I didn’t want to wake up, she declared. Because Loman struggled to hold down a job, she turned to crime to support her habit. Misty was arrested and released from jail fifteen times prior to becoming well-known.

Although Misty has been drug-free for almost two years, she is still improving. Users of Facebook have set up groups to aid Loman in prayer. You can lend your support by contributing to Misty’s GoFundMe, which raises money for her medical care and medication.

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