Youssef Khater, Where Is He Now


In line with its moniker, Netflix’s newest docuseries, Worst Roommate Ever, is a five-part investigation into horrifying, straight-from-the-news living situations: not your average sexile or messy meal-prepper, but squatters, con artists, and murderers who prey on the people they share a lease agreement with.

When Callie Quinn starts telling her story in Episode 3 and says she hopes that her story will “warn other people so that they don’t become victims of him,” it makes you wary because the roommates from the first two episodes served time for their crimes—one died in prison, while the other is still behind bars. Is this man still on the streets? Here is a summary of Youssef Khater’s current whereabouts, or at least what is known about his recent whereabouts.

Khater is shown as an international con artist in “Marathon Man.” He requested funding from the Palestinian Network of Denmark in 2010 in order to promote Palestinian culture and hold a race (which never took place; he is actually Lebanese). He also persuaded a fellow runner to engage in a phony real estate project, and when the victim discovered it was all a hoax, he beat the man over the head.

Thankfully, the victim lived, but that wasn’t the only time Khater’s dishonesty became violent. In 2011, when residing in Chile, he similarly assaulted his housemate Quinn before burying her alive in the ashes of a torched tire business. (According to the episode’s hypothesis, by making Quinn vanish, he might utilize her as a scapegoat for missing money he owed his creditors.) After the attempted murder of C., Youssef Khater from “Worst Roommate Ever” could be using a new name.

Quinn survived, much to Khater’s dismay; as a result, Khater was ultimately found guilty of attempted murder. However, he was only given a 600-day prison term, and since then, he has been detained (and then freed) in Costa Rica and Denmark. There is no way to tell exactly where Khater is or what he’s up to because he was last seen in Denmark in 2018 and “is thought [to be] now living behind an alias,” according to the episode. (He also went by the names Joseph Carter and Joseph Maria, but if he changed it while hiding, it would make sense.)

It could be difficult for you to conduct your own digital investigations. According to the Youssef Khater crime-tracking site featured in Episode 3, the most recent news concerning Khater (prior to the docuseries bringing his case back into the spotlight) appears to be from 2017, when he was detained in Costa Rica for stealing more than $18,000 from a local woman’s accounts.

Khater was active in the neighborhood running scene prior to being detained (and then released), and as of 2015, Texas Monthly stated that he even appeared to be in a relationship. It is unclear whether or if his alleged girlfriend broke up with him after telling the magazine that she “was uninformed of Youssef’s background and reported no damage from him.” If she was the same lady Khater would rob in 2017, The Costa Rica Star reports when he “charmed his way into the life of his female victim.”

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