What Ever Happened To Brendan Fraser? Know The Truth


I should meet Brendan Fraser’s horse, he says. In a barn in Bedford, New York, he explains, “I got this horse because it’s a huge horse. He pulls a green bandanna out of his pocket and uses it to delicately clean the animal’s eyes. The name of the horse is Pecas, which is Spanish means freckles.

On the set of the 2015 History Channel program Texas Rising, Fraser first encountered him. Fraser portrayed a Texas Ranger in the middle of the 19th century. He claims that he and the horse experienced a shared moment of awareness when they were filming in Mexico. “Without—the what’s word—doing too much? He appeared to be in need of assistance without being anthropomorphized or acting like a person. like, “Man, get me out of here.

“Fraser then returned him here. About an hour north of Manhattan, Fraser owns land that has a view of this farm and lives close by.

Despite spending the majority of the past year traveling, back and forth between Toronto, where he was filming the Three Days of the Condor-inspired series Condor, and Europe, where he was filming Trust, a Danny Boyle-produced FX series about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, he always makes time to stop by and see Pecas. Why he does this is a question with a variety of interesting solutions. But from what I can tell, Brendan Fraser is the exception to the rule.

He can’t help but get off topic— In the middle of addressing something else, he says, “Instead of telling you what time it is, I may give you the history of horology. He is relentlessly sincere. His thoughts are like a labyrinth.

You enter and then leave, feeling lost yet grateful that something so surprising may still exist in this world, hours or days later. His eyes are less wide than they used to be when he was first appearing on TV and portraying characters who were frequently outsiders; they are now pale and a little watery.

The once-powerful figure was covered with gray long sleeves and had blue-gray stubble on the chin. I’m 35: There was a period when I was as accustomed to Fraser’s appearance as I was to the furnishings in my parents’ home. 1992 saw him in Encino Man and School Ties, 1994 saw him in Airheads, 1997 saw him in George of the Jungle, and 1999 saw him in The Mummy.

Brendan Fraser was a popular film character around the turn of the century. Although he had a successful run as a starring man in studio movies until the end of the previous decade, he has been absent—or at the very least, off the radar—for some time. He would be on the poster year after year, then disappear. It wasn’t until he made an appearance in a supporting role in The Affair’s third season that many of us even realized he had vanished.

Of course, there’s a narrative there as well, and Fraser will finally get around to explaining it to me in his evasive manner. First, though, Pecas. According to Fraser, the other horses in Mexico were skinny mustangs. “And this horse was severely beaten. I mean, I swear, I constantly witnessed him being kicked and bit by other horses. And I never saw him respond in kind.

Every day, Fraser observed this large, silvery horse being teased by the smaller, more svelte animals nearby. I then reasoned, “Okay, I’ve got a job for you if you want it. Durango to Juarez in a trailer, he loaded the horse. Sanitation in El Paso. a cargo flight from FedEx to New York. The vets who fly on such cargo flights said, “This horse simply marched on like he wanted to know what the movie was and what was for dinner.” He exited the train, came here, and noticed the cedar chips in the stall barn. In any case, I need to catch Griffin on him.

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