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Lester Holt’s family had already established “family objectives” a year prior when everyone showed out on the Today Show sets to support the family patriarch. Following news that Lester had an extramarital affair with a member of his staff, reports about divorce troubles began to circulate. So, are they actually divorcing or are those difficulties just a lie?

Family, Children, and Married Life of Lester Holt

Lester Holt wed Carol Hagen-Holt in 1982, which is 36 years ago. Holt’s wife holds a real estate license and is presently employed for Halstead Property in Manhattan. She had had been employed in San Francisco. Stephan and Cameron are the couple’s two children.

Stephan Holt joined NBC in February 2016 and received accolades for having carried on his father’s legacy. Through Twitter, his father expressed support for the appointment.

Cameron Holt, another son of Lester Holt, completed a graduate degree at Stanford and accepted a position in the finance industry in New York City. Lester was surprised on the Today Show in June 2015 by Holt’s wife and two boys as a way of expressing their love and support for him.

Carol Hagen and Lester Holt’s divorce issues

In a previous interview, Lester Holt claimed that the key to a successful relationship is to “laugh.” Lester Holt supposedly had an adulterous relationship at one point. He is said to have had an affair with a fellow NBC Nightly Show crew member.
Several reports have claimed that the couple hasn’t been spotted together in public since early 2016. Lester was rumored to be spending more time at the “office” and less time with the family.

Whether Lester and Carol are separated or perhaps divorced has yet to be established. Nothing is known regarding his extramarital relationships as well.

Are they divorcing each other?

Lester Holt’s wife appears to have been aware of his alleged relationship with the unnamed crew member for quite some time. But why is it reported that she has been delaying the divorce proceedings? The two boys of Holt appear to be the only ones keeping this family together.

Carol reportedly spent a lot of time thinking about their children and the possible effects of the divorce on them. Carol appears to be the overly watchful mother, despite the fact that their two kids are already old enough and established in their own lives.

We can only anticipate positive news from this family in the future as supporters and well-wishers.

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