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On the reality television program of the same name, Chelsea DeBoer Houska is one of the first “Teen Moms.” She began appearing on the show when it was still called “16 and Pregnant.”

Then she continued for years to tell her life through the series. She just decided against coming back to the “Teen Mom” show. She has achieved enough success thanks to her famous position that she is no longer dependent on her acting career. So, how does Chelsea Houska make money?

Chelsea DeBoer Houska: who is she?

Chelsea Houska’s development was visible to “Teen Mom” viewers as she grew up on the screen. Her first daughter, Aubree, was born while she was a teenager and pregnant with her then-boyfriend.

Of course, this was the underlying idea behind the “16 and Pregnant” program. The TV show gained popularity and changed its name to “Teen Mom.” We’ve seen Chelsea develop from an adolescent to a mother with a strong husband, several kids, and a keen business sense. She ranks among the top 10 wealthiest Teen Mom stars.

Chelsea, a professional

Chelsea attended cosmetology school following the completion of her GED. She developed an interest in business as she matured into an adult. Cole and she collaborated to launch a clothing business. She continued to work extensively in the fashion sector. She improved her abilities as a social media influencer at the same time. For instance, she has 6.5 million Instagram followers.

B&R Clothing Co.

Over time, Chelsea has grown a variety of enterprises. She is a co-owner of Bella & Rae Co., for instance. When co-founder Laurie and co-founder/photographer Calli joined forces to promote each other’s companies, the firm was born. To complete the firm with an influencer, Chelsea joined them in 2019.

Itzy Ritz 

This is the previously stated fashion company that she and Cole collaborated on. It has evolved. It is now available on Amazon. A range of items for parents called the Chelsea and Cole Collection company includes chic packing cubes and diaper packs.

They most recently joined up for a new reality TV program after permanently departing “Teen Mom.” This one is called Farmhouse Fabulous and it’s on HGTV. It’s a documentary-style show that shows their latest venture in the home design industry.

They enjoyed remodeling their house so much that they want to provide consumers with the same service. As a result, both the firm itself and the HGTV filming of the business will contribute to Chelsea Houska’s overall net worth.

How much money does Chelsea Houska make?

The wealthiest “Teen Mom” stars list and other sources estimate Chelsea Houska’s net worth to be about $2 million. According to reports, she makes around half of that money from “Teen Mom.” Naturally, the remainder comes from her different business ventures and influencer activities.

Her net wealth, nevertheless, is a subject of much discussion. It may be as low as $60,000 in 2021 and $200,000 in 2022, according to some reports. We anticipate it to be greater than that, most likely in the low millions as stated on the other websites.

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