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Is Mary Cosby A Cult Leader

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” actress is allegedly running a cult, according to former members of Mary Cosby‘s church. This plot point has been hinted at in Season 2 promos for the Bravo reality series.

Reformed members of Cosby’s Faith Temple Pentecostal Church discussed their disturbing alleged interactions with the religious figure turned reality star.

Ernest Walton, Cosby’s uncle, described his niece’s Utah institution as a “cult” and declared, “I think it’s an abomination.”

Everything is now emerging into the open and is descending, he continued.

People who left Cosby’s congregation claim that she referred to herself as God, coerced followers into working for her family’s businesses for nothing or minimum wage, verbally abused them and frequently threatened them with hellfire for various offenses, including leaving the church and not giving enough tithes.

is mary cosby a cult leader

That woman is the most repulsive human to have ever existed. You don’t realize that none of those smiles and s-t are real. These people are terrified of her, said Abby, a former church member who left at 22 in the late 1990s.

In another scene, late Salt Lake City civic leader Cameron Williams asks Lisa Barlow, “Is it a cult? Yes. Does she refer to herself as God? Yes.”

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Later, Cosby sobs to Barlow in defense of herself, saying, “I’m not God! I revere the deity within me.

Ralph Arnold Jr., a former participant, asserted this is untrue: “She preaches that she is God on Earth.”

After the elder Cosby passed away in 1997, Cosby received the church and multimillion-dollar estate of her late grandmother Rosemary “Mama” Redmon Cosby. Bishop Robert Cosby, Mama’s spouse, and Mary’s step-grandfather was married to Mary.

is mary cosby a cult leader

On “RHOSLC,” Mary frequently brags about her numerous homes and racks of designer clothing. This extravagant display of wealth had drawn harsh criticism from former churchgoers who claim she encouraged them to empty their bank accounts and even offer food stamps when money was tight for her financial gain.

Because Mary had no anointing when she preached, so the church collapsed, and most of the congregation fled, according to Arnold. In addition to living a showy and hypocritical life, [she] often brainwashes them.
A former male member who asked to remain anonymous stated it was all about the money. she would pester people for donations over long, exhausting periods.

He alleged that before letting victims go, “they would sit and demand money until they obtained a specific monetary figure, whatever [sum] was in their heads.” Although they didn’t have guns to your head, they threatened to humiliate you if you fled. If you didn’t donate enough, they would humiliate you. It was, therefore, a type of mental manipulation.

A former female churchgoer who also requested anonymity claimed she could not enjoy Christmas as a child “because all the money [her parents’] had gone to the church.”

Many participants rely on food stamps and struggle to cover their expenses. They would demand that they surrender everything.

Allegations that Mary exploited funds from her church to support her opulent lifestyle have been refuted by Mary.

Allegations that Mary makes predictions about people’s afterlife trips are possibly more unsettling than her alleged theft.

The unidentified male said, “Mary is attempting to persuade people that she is God, or like this particular mediator.” “She has the authority to speak with God and choose whether you go to heaven or damnation. Mary makes an effort to compare herself to a female Jesus.

You don’t simply walk up back in here; she is heard urging her congregation in a previously leaked audio clip of one of Cosby’s speeches. You must enter the room through the door because there is only one mediator between God and man. Who do you believe that to be?

Then someone shouts, “You, Mary!”

Arnold, a former churchgoer, warned people who continue to follow Cosby’s interpretation of Christianity.

To safeguard any remaining faith they may possess and work toward healing,” he stated.

Bravo broadcasts “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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