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Photographer and model Carin van der Donk. She is best known for being the spouse of Vincent D’Onofrio, an American actor, producer, and singer. Carin has followed her well-known spouse to several red-carpet events and movie premieres. Despite parting ways in 2000, Carin and Vincent managed to maintain their union.

Currently, Carin van der Donk is concentrating on developing her photographic abilities. On her Instagram feed, she showcases her photographic abilities. She is also concentrated on fulfilling her motherly obligations.

Early Life & Career

In the Netherlands, Carin van der Donk was born in 1970. She was brought up with Marjan van der Donk, her older sister. From a young age, Carin was fascinated by the entertainment business and yearned to work in the show business.

After graduating from college, Carin decided to pursue a career as a model. She began her career by working for a few small local businesses. She was subsequently signed by the well-known hair salon company Bumble & Bumble, for whom Carin had already recorded a video ad in the early 1990s.

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She first met Vincent D’Onofrio in New York City in 1996 and filmed a commercial there. Carin’s modeling career took a backseat after she got married, allowing her to focus on honing her photography skills. She works as a hobbyist photographer, frequently working on various projects with her sister Marjan.


In 1996, Carin van der Donk and Vincent D’Onofrio began dating. The wedding took place on March 22, 1997. Elias Gene D’Onofrio, Vincent and Carin’s son, was born in December 1999. When Carin and Vincent decided to part ways in 2000, their marriage came perilously close to dissolving.

Carin and Vincent did not give a reason for their choice to separate, even though they publicized it. But because of their son Elias Gene, they frequently traveled to see one another.

carin van der donk

They had the chance to change their minds during these frequent contacts, which eventually led to their reunion. Luka, Carin and Vincent’s second child, was born in 2008. Vincent D’Onofrio stated his dissatisfaction with confusing and false stories about his marital status in January 2012.

Together, Carin and Vincent have seen a lot of red-carpet events and movie premieres. Carin and Vincent were spotted at the “Daredevil” Los Angeles premiere in 2003. In 2008, Carin went to the Tribeca Film Festival with her husband to see the premiere of “Speed Racer.”

Personal Life

Marjan van der Donk and Carin van der Donk get along well. Her sister is a role model and a dear friend to her. Carin takes part in numerous charity functions and anti-government demonstrations. She resides in a townhouse at Gramercy Park in Manhattan with her husband and kids.

Leila George D’Onofrio, a child from Vincent’s former union with the actress Greta Scacchi, has her as her stepmother. Actress Leila George, whose credits include “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger” and “Mortal Engines,” is now working on her acting career.

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