Is Kenny Chesney Gay? Why Is It Trending In 2022


Is Kenny Chesney Gay?

Kenny responded when questioned about the claim that he is gay: “It’s not true. Period. I probably should have answered outright, “No, I’m not [gay],” but I didn’t want to emphasize it too much. Nobody required me to provide evidence that I wasn’t [homosexual]. I didn’t feel as though I did.

is kenny chesney gay

So there you have it. Kenny Chesney insists he is not gay and is the only person whose claims about him we are willing to accept. Sexual orientation (which, admittedly, is initially none of our business). But why did Kenny feel the need to elaborate in the first place?

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In 2005, Rumors That The Country Artist Was Gay First Surfaced

Actress Renée Zellweger and Kenny’s relationship moved quickly. But nearly as suddenly as it had started, their connection ended. They stated they would end their relationship just four months after the wedding. In December, the annulment became effective.

The pair said they decided to leave because of “fraud” and have the court records nullified. In California, a marriage can only be dissolved (as opposed to ending in divorce) if one or both parties are under 18, mentally ill, are obligated to another, or were coerced or forced into marriage. According to Kenny, the word “fraud” was chosen as the least destructive because it is vague and does not provide any specifics. And boy, were we mistaken.

is kenny chesney gay

Just that one word sent everyone into a frenzy. Many others believed that Kenny himself was being referred to when the word “fraud” was used, suggesting that he is gay. It was too late to stop the rumors, even though Renée later stressed that they had only meant fraud in the legal sense. Renée stated to The Advocate in 2016: “It made me unhappy that was being used in some way by people as a tool to be nasty and branding someone gay as a pejorative, which has disastrous effects.”

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Kenny is frequently forced into the awkward situation of having to clarify what’s factual and support those who do happen to be gay due to the allegations surrounding his sexuality. He also said the following in his appearance with 60 Minutes, which we believe sums it up well: “I believe that everyone has the freedom to conduct their life whatever they choose, but I’m very sure that I love girls,” the speaker said. Sufficient for us.

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