Sea of Thieves Season 7 is Set to Launch on Xbox and Pc. Are There Any Anticipated Twists?


  • On PC and Xbox systems, the seventh season of Sea of Thieves is now available.
  • Players may now purchase, customise, and command their ships thanks to the update, which also adds new milestones and achievements for doing so.
  • Along with changes and additions to the gameplay, Season 7 introduces a new Plunder Pass with more cosmetic rewards.


On PC and Xbox consoles, Season 7 of Rare’s online multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves is now playable, bringing with it the opportunity to ultimately command your ship, new rewards for the season and accompanying battle pass, and some gameplay enhancements.

Players can now be the captain of their ship and can personalize it any way they desire, which is the most noticeable feature in the launch of Season 7 or version 2.6.0. Ships come in a variety of sizes and can be acquired with in-game gold, however before another ship of the same size can be purchased, a ship must first achieve “Legendary status.”

The names of their ships and the outside decorations, as well as the captain’s quarters, can all be changed by the captain. Ship Milestones must be completed in order to unlock decorations. 13 new captain-related achievements have been added to the game.


The new Captain’s Voyages that can earn Renown and the new Plunder Pass, which rewards completion with the Courage of Captaincy clothing set, are further features of Season 7’s revamped growth route. The Baleful Bloom Costume, which can be updated three times over the season, is available to pass holders.

A few gameplay tweaks and modifications from the patch notes are included in the 2.6.0 version, including the ability to zoom in on any note or map that is being held, the elimination of friendly fire from masts, and extra respawn points all over the sloop. Stools that have been washed ashore on beaches are also available for players to use, perhaps as a break from their search for wealth.

Players are learning a great surprise benefit of becoming a shipowner in Sea of Thieves major Captaincy update, which has finally gone live as part of season 7: there is a new, far speedier method of transporting treasure off your ship, which makes selling loot way, way less stressful.

When you have a whole ship’s worth of loot and you’re at an outpost with the intention of selling it all for a fortune, that’s when playing Sea of Thieves becomes the most nerve-wracking.

There is a significant risk that a hostile crew will have boarded your anchored ship in the time it takes you to bring all of your riches, one piece at a time, to the various merchants at the outpost. They will steal your hard-earned loot and abandon your noble vessel sinking to the ocean below.

Players of Sea of Thieves who just bought their own ships are learning about a crucial new technique to drastically reduce the time it takes to sell loot and so avoid the entire scenario I just detailed. See, the new Sovereign faction of merchants, which is essentially a one-stop shop for Captains to sell every sorts of plunder, is given access to shipowners.

That’s correct, as long as you’re the captain of a ship, you no longer need to visit various merchants to sell your stuff. And even better, there is a platform with a mounted harpoon just over the Sovereign’s shopfront that you may use to collect stuff from your ship with incredible speed.

On Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC via the Windows Store and Steam, and as part of Xbox Game Pass, Sea of Thieves is accessible.

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