Will Release Conan Exiles 3.0 Update, Which Includes the Highly Anticipated Age of Sorcery Update.



As a result, neither of the modifications and implementations have seen in this build are complete. To more accurately reflect the work-in-progress nature of this release, the patch notes document will be updated, corrected, and finished throughout the Testlive time.

Exiles of the sorcerous Testlive lands!

The moment has come. Before it soon goes live across all platforms, we’re putting Update 3.0 on Testlive for you to test out. There is a lot to unpack here because this is the largest free content update we have ever worked on for the game. then let’s get going!

Conan Exiles Update 3.0 adds a tonne of new material, updates the game’s foundational elements, and includes an in-game store and new progression rules. Since there are so many changes, it might be difficult to keep track of them all. For those of you who like surprises over spoilers, we have summarised the majority of what you can anticipate in this update.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading Update 3.0. This will be the biggest content update for Conan Exiles yet, and after months of hard work by our team, we’re thrilled to finally be able to show you what’s included.

A condensed list of the most significant updates made in Update 3.0 is provided below. We invite you to experiment with this early game build on Testlive and report any difficulties you may encounter!


Ritual magic, the creation of potent alchemical concoctions, and the casting of potent spells from 5 different sorcery schools are all options. But bear in mind that this ability is not free, and the more you learn about sorcery, the more likely it is that your character will become permanently corrupted. Beware!

  • By offering your body eternal rot, you can gain greater sorcerous abilities and benefits.
  • At launch, there were five schools of sorcery.
  • At launch, there are three types of sorcery: ritual magic, alchemy, and spell casting.
  • Thaumaturgy Bench, Chalk Circle, Sacrificial Stone, Shallow Grave, and Transportory
  • Stone is some of the new sorcery workstations.
  • Added equipment and gear for aspiring sorcerers!

Battle Pass and Black Lotus Bazaar

With the new Battle Pass system and the Black Lotus Bazaar, our method for releasing cosmetic content after the game’s initial release is developing.

  • Beginning with 3.0: The Age of Sorcery, Battle Passes will be organized around seasons, or Ages, which each bring around significant new updates.
  • Every Age will be broken down into Chapters, with each one introducing a brand-new Battle Pass with fresh unlockable cosmetic stuff!
  • Each Age will be themed and provide fresh, free playable material as part of fresh, significant game upgrades.
  • By purchasing the premium Battle Pass track, which will unlock even more fantastic stuff, you can support the development of the game while also unlocking additional goodies and cosmetics.
  • You can move forward with daily challenges and the current Battle Pass.
  • The Black Lotus Bazaar is a brand-new in-game shop where players may buy new things individually or in discounted bundles alongside older DLC packs.
  • Crom Coins is a new virtual currency that enables in-game purchases at the shop.

Events System

We’re adding new events to the Events System, which Grave Matters started, to give the Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands new energy and dynamism.

  • Both the Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands maps will host brand-new special events that will reward players who are bold enough to take on the challenge and succeed!
  • They won’t appear on the in-game map, but you might come across them naturally as you play!
  • Future patches and upgrades will rotate the active list as new and old events are added over time.
  • Optional functionality that can be turned on or off using the server settings

Perks and Attribute Revamp

In Conan Exiles, attributes and player perks will function differently thanks to brand-new attribute skill trees and redesigned perks that will help you create compelling character builds.

  • The preceding Attributes have been revised, and a new set has taken their place:
    Strength enables you to hit targets more forcefully.
  • Your agility will make you more nimble and deadly with some melee weapons and ranged weapons.
  • Vitality, which will help you endure for longer.
  • You can command better, larger, and stronger armies if you have authority.
  • Grit makes it easier for you to recover from injuries.
  • For those of you focused on developing and surviving, expertise
  • Each level now grants you one attribute point.
  • The maximum investment per attribute skill tree is now 20 points. You can choose between two alternative perks to further individualize your character every 10 and 20 points.
  • Additionally, you can now decide to corrupt your perks and attributes. You can acquire new, miserable, enhanced versions of the standard perks that will allow you to dabble with the evil sorcerous abilities of this realm at the expense of your humanity if you permanently corrupt your character.
  • Weapon and other gear attribute bonuses have been eliminated.
  • Weapon damage now scales according to base damage and the number of Strength or Agility points used.
  • Attribute benefits are no longer provided by clothing, potions, food, or warpaints. Instead, they now give statistical bonuses.
  • You can only have one food buff and one potion/elixir buff active at once. However, buffs to the same stat can be stacked.
  • A balancing pass has also been given to followers (Pets and Thralls), who will now only have the four stats of Strength, Agility, Grit, and Vitality.
  • The general overhaul has also altered their Perks.
  • Based on their Tier, their HP has decreased. Their ability to cause damage has decreased by about 50%.

Building system revamp and creative mode

We’re revamping the construction system to make it easier to access all of your pieces from a new Building UI, more player-friendly, intuitive, and less time-consuming! Additionally, a new Creative Mode will let you concentrate on bringing your creations to life.

  • The game now includes a brand-new Construction Hammer item. To access the new Building UI, equip it!
  • You may view all of your building sets and components from the new Building UI by using the Construction Hammer. (defaulting to pressing F)
  • You can now see in the UI how many of each piece you can make with your current inventory if you have enough materials in your inventory.
  • Building UI parts that you lay down will now be automatically crafted for you, reducing clutter and inventory micromanagement!
  • By focusing on a placed object and pushing the Middle Mouse Button / R3 at the same time, you may now quickly switch your building brush.
  • To delete components you no longer need, you can also use the Building UI and the Construction Hammer.
  • Building components covered by this new method will be converted to their raw materials when you log in and put in a box in your inventory so you can utilize them in your new session. This only happens if you have those materials available.
  • The game now has a brand-new Creative Mode.
  • It can be accessed from the Admin panel or Esc Menu and will grant your character cheats, unlock all recipes, and temporarily hide distracting UI components so you can concentrate on construction.
  • Your character will revert to normal after you switch off Creative Mode, and the standard gameplay UI will be reinstated.
  • You may now further personalize your construction experience with new server settings!
  • Slider for Building Stability.
  • Mode “Build Everywhere” (bypasses building block restrictions).

Weapons and Armor Illusion System

Now that there is “a transmog system,” you can give your weapons and armor alternative looks as long as they are both from the same category.

  • You now have a new workbench where you can apply illusions to your equipment.
  • Two things are required: the thing you want to be an illusion and the thing you imbue with the illusion.
  • The method will result in the loss of the Illusion item.
  • For the illusion to take place, both items must fall into the same type and category (i.e. you cannot apply a sword Illusion onto a hammer).
  • To use the Illusion, you must possess the knowledge necessary to produce both objects.

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