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Sacha Carlson

Actor Sacha Carlson aged 17, gained notoriety for playing Nick in the Julie and the Phantoms Netflix original series. He received plaudits for his work starting in 2020’s first season. In the ensemble of the 2017 live musical A Christmas Story Live!, he had his debut on-screen appearance as Scut Farkus.

 Sacha Carlson


In two 2018 episodes of the popular ABC comedy American Housewife, he co-starred. He frequently uploads dance videos to his TikTok channel with the same name. San Luis Obispo, California, is where Sacha Carlson was born.

When Carlson was ten years old, he started acting. Carlson was able to be adopted into a Los Angeles adoption agency in 2014 after playing roles in regional productions (Tarzan, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins) with Kelrik Productions, PCPA-Pacific Conservatory Theatre in Santa Maria, and what is now San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre. For projects and auditions, Carlson alternated between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles.

Carlson also participated in a Nickelodeon improv class at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles and appeared in the short film “The Lost Captain,” which was produced by Chapman University.

In Fox’s “A Christmas Story Live,” Carlson played Scut Farkus for the first time in 2017. He also appeared in two episodes of the ABC sitcom American Housewife from 2018 as a co-star.


Carlson put in an audition for the part of Luke in Julie and the Phantoms in June 2019. Carlson claims that despite making it to the final group, he was unsuccessful in landing the part. However, Carlson learned through an email from his agent at the beginning of August that Kenny Ortega asked Carlson to attend a callback for the part of Nick. Carlson is talented and passionate about playing the electric guitar and writing songs.

For his original song “Forever More,” Carlson placed second in the Youth category of the New Times Music Awards in November 2020. According to Carlson, there is further original music that hasn’t been performed because of the COVID-19 epidemic, including “My Baby, My Sweet Darling.”

The aspiring actor was reared in San Luis Obispo, California, but is originally from one of America’s central coastlines. He attended San Luis Obispo’s Laguna Middle School. He shares a home with his father Steve Carlson, his mother Louise Carlson, his older sister Greta Carlson, and himself.

Since he was a little child, the aspiring actor has been committed to performing. He made specific moves to convince his dream. He studies acting at Actor’s Edge Academy. He claims that the actor’s edge is to blame for his current position. To oversee all of his auditions and his career, he has hired a manager.

He weighs about 62 kg and has an incredible physique. His charisma is further enhanced by his face cut. He lifted weights to get his biceps.


Sacha Carlson has a really distinctive sense of style. You can typically find him wearing casual clothing. Despite being a gentleman, he does not favor formal attire. He may appear to be an experienced actor, but he is actually a teenager.

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