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Aretha Franklin Teddy Richards means let’s talk about Aretha Franklin’s son Teddy Richards and also some facts about him.

Teddy Richards is a multi-talented performer who has primarily performed alongside well-known bands as a guitarist. Richards has worked as a vocalist and songwriter during his more than 20-year musical career. He has also put out a large number of successful tracks.

However, Teddy is most well-known for being the child of Aretha Franklin, one of the most popular singers. His deceased mother, Aretha Franklin, the “Queen” of soulful music, passed away at age 76. On the other hand, Teddy’s father worked as a music manager.

Here are several interesting facts you need to know about Teddy. Take a closer look!

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Aretha Franklin Teddy Richards

Ted White, a former Aretha musical manager, is the father of Richards. The ex-couple also tied the knot in 1961, advancing toward the union of Teddy’s parents. Aretha was 18 years old when they were married.

Before the two got worse, they had been married for about eight years. And in 1969, the two ex-lovers were divorced. Sources claim that their domestic abuse caused their marriage to fail. Later, Richards moved in with his mother.

aretha franklin teddy richards

The tragic death of the legendary singer, Aretha Franklin, at the age of 76, devastated millions of her fans on August 16, 2018. Moreover, a malignant pancreatic neuroendocrine was identified as the fatal factor. A large group of well-known people gathered to bid Aretha farewell. New Bethel Baptist Church hosted a memorial ceremony for her.

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Teddy’s Early Life

Teddy will be 57 years old in 2021. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1964. He attended East Detroit High School and spent most of his life in Detroit. Later, Teddy began attending the University of Michigan-Flint.

aretha franklin teddy richards

In addition, Teddy is an American and comes from Afro-American ethnicity.

From his mother’s two distinct relationships, Richards has three half-brothers. When she was just twelve years old, his mother gave birth to Clarence, her first child. On August 31, 1957, she gave birth to Edward Derone Franklin, her second child.

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Donald Burk was once thought to be their biological father. However, the biological father of her children’s children was unknown for many years. However, Aretha disclosed that the father was Edward Jordan in her handwritten wills in 2019.

Kecalf Cunningham, Teddy’s second half-brother, was a product of his mother’s prior union with Ken Cunningham.

Musical Career

Teddy has continued in his mother’s footsteps as the son of a famous singer. Franklin, one of the late best-selling singers of all time, spoke to The Katz Tapes in 1995 about her children’s love of music. My youngest kid Kecalf is a hip-hopper, she remarked. Teddy, my other kid, is a guitarist. He performs in my band and has recently collaborated with some artists from London. He also sings, and he’s searching for a record deal.

Is Teddy Richards Married

Teddy has kept most of his private information a secret and hasn’t revealed his relationship to anyone yet. It is difficult to determine whether Teddy is married due to his extremely private love life.

Richards described himself as “single, eager to mingle, looking for gorgeous Nigerian ladies” on his Facebook profile.

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Net Worth

As of 2021, Richards’ estimated net worth is $1.5 million. He mostly prospers in the music industry thanks to his adaptability. At the time of her passing, his late mother, Aretha, had an estimated net worth of $80 million.

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