Who Was Mikaela Hyakuya In The Manga Series Seraph Of The End? Know The Details


Who Was Mikaela Hyakuya In The Manga Series Seraph Of The End?

Mikaela Hyakuya is the deuteragonist of Seraph of the End. Along with Yūichirō Hyakuya and the other members of his orphanage, he was taken to an underground vampire city and planned to escape because Yu didn’t like it there. At the exit, Mika will witness the murder of his family by the vampire Ferid Bathory. Mika survived because Krul Tepes turned her into a vampire against her will.

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Four years later, he lives for the news of Yu and finds him again. When he encounters him during the vampire invasion of Shinjuku, he will have confirmation of what the vampires told him that Yu was being experimented on and used by humans. Unable to retrieve it, Mika was tasked by Krul to go undercover, where if caught he would be a traitor to both humans and vampires.

Mika sought out Yu in Nagoya and fought her way through the Moon Demon Company to save him. Painful from the loss of blood, he would become a full vampire by drinking Yuu’s blood and recover from his injuries. He helps Yu and his group escape from both the vampires and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that completed the Seraph of the Final Experiments.



As an eight-year-old human child before the Apocalypse, Mika appears in short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt. He is also sometimes shown wearing an oversized denim jacket. He has short wavy blond hair and blue eyes that give him the appearance of a foreigner in Japan. He is considered very handsome and at the age of 16, he is muscular as a vampire.


After becoming an incomplete vampire, he grows fangs, but his eyes remain blue. The latter turns red after drinking human blood, and Yu becomes a full vampire at this point. When he is sixteen, his hair reaches his shoulders.

As for clothing, Mika begins to wear the standard vampire soldier uniform. It consists of a black collared shirt with cuffs and white piping. He keeps it fastened around his neck and held in place with vamp markings.

Over a black shirt, he wears a white military jacket with black piping and ornate buttons. He also has a black vamp piece on his left shoulder and black cuffs with white buttons that reach almost to his elbows. He wears white gloves and has a thick black belt around his waist with two smaller belts forming an X across his back and front.

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Natural Abilities

Where stronger vampire swords tend to have spikes that pierce the palm, Mike’s weapon has spiky red vines that emerge from the two bottom holes in the golden pommel and wrap around his hand.

The silver blade is soaked in red as it draws blood to power Mika’s powers to even greater heights. Even when not powered up, the sword can launch devastating ranged attacks against multiple targets.

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