Know The Details About How To Take Apart An Xbox Controller


How To Take Apart An Xbox Controller

This article explains how to take apart an Xbox One controller if it needs repair, with potential problems and the specialized tools you’ll need. Xbox One controllers are generally accepted as some of the best video game controllers out there, but they still break down from time to time.

How to disassemble an Xbox One controller

Before you can disassemble your Xbox One controller, find a clean, uncluttered workspace that is well lit. You’ll also need to get the following tools if you don’t already have them:

Security Torx T-8
Pry tool

You can use a Torx bit in the driver or with a socket wrench, or use a dedicated Torx driver, but it must be a T-8 safety Torx. You can tell the difference between a regular Torx and a safety Torx by the small hole in the tip of the safety Torx. Without this small hole, the regular T-8 Torx won’t fit the Xbox One controller screws.

You can use anything thin enough to fit in the gap between the controller housing and the end caps for prying. If possible, try to use a plastic tool to avoid damaging the controller housing.

Here’s how to take apart an Xbox One controller:

  1. Use the pry bar to gently separate the right or left handle cover.Prying apart an Xbox One controller.

  2. Once the covers start to separate, you can carefully remove them by hand.A separated grip cover on an Xbox One controller.

  3. Repeat the process with the other handle cover.Removing a grip cover on an Xbox One controller.

  4. Remove the battery cover.An Xbox One controller that's ready to take apart.

  5. You are now ready to remove the screws, starting with the hidden screw inside the battery compartment. Removing the hidden screw in an Xbox One controller.

  6. Removing the hidden screw in the Xbox One controller.Removing screws from an Xbox One controller.

  7. Repeat the same process on the other handle, remove the last two screws and the controller will come apart.Removing screws from an Xbox One controller.

  8. You now have access to the rattle motors, starters, and some other screws that you can leave alone unless you need to replace specific components on the circuit board.The right hand screws of an Xbox One controller.

  9. From this view, you can clean up the buttons and analog sticks, remove the analog sticks, remove the d-pad ring and d-pad, and more.A disassembled Xbox One controller.

  10. To reassemble the controller when you’re done, simply reverse these steps. Place the controller assembly back into the front housing, slide the rear housing into place. A disassembled Xbox One controller.

  11. After successfully disassembling your Xbox One controller, you can try to repair it. Some problems can be solved by simply cleaning the components, while other problems require component replacement. In some cases, advanced skills such as soldering are required to remove and replace components. Depending on your experience level, it’s better to leave some of these repairs to the professionals.

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