How to Use Pokemon Unite Moves Guide All Details


Pokemon Unite Moves Guide: How to Use Pokemon UNITE - Absol Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

Releases a flurry of slashes in front of the user. This move finishes by unleashing powerful blades of energy, dealing increased damage to enemy Pokemon and pushing them.

AegislashPokemon UNITE - Aegislash Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

Lets the user unleashes a slash in a designated direction that deals damage to the enemy Pokémon it hits. The lower the percentage of the enemy Pokemon’s remaining HP, the more damage the move will deal. If this Unite Move knocks out an enemy Pokemon, the number of boosts will increase.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales Image

Attacks with cold snow and ice, dealing damage to enemy Pokémon in the area of ​​effect when it hits. Deals damage to enemy Pokemon that are frozen.

AzumarillAzumarill Image

The user punches the abdomen three times and grants the user a shield. With each pound, the user loses HP in exchange for the increased attack. The user can move while pounding the abdomen. The user then targets an enemy Pokémon and then attacks it, dealing damage and knocking back any enemy Pokémon it hits while charging.

BlastoiseBlastoise Image

Have the user spit water to attack while spinning and throw enemy Pokemon over a large area. It also provides the user with a shield.

BlisseyBlissey Image

Having the user rush to a designated allied Pokémon to give it egg grants that Pokémon a shield and increases its attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. The user will also absorb some of the damage the Pokémon has received for a short period. When dashing, the user throws nearby enemy Pokémon and those it comes into contact with.

BuzzwoleBuzzwole Image

Allows the user to fly at high speed and deal damage to all enemy Pokemon in the area of ​​effect. The user then targets the opposing Pokémon with the lowest HP percentage among those hit and attacks it from the sky, dealing damage to that Pokémon again.

CharizardCharizard Image

Have the user grab a Pokémon from the opposing team and hit the ground with it from the air. For a short time afterward, the user can move freely over obstacles. While this Unite Move is in use, the user’s basic attacks deal increased damage and leave enemy Pokémon burned.

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In addition, when the user deals damage to an enemy Pokémon, they regain HP.

CinderaceCinderace Image

Lets the user create a giant ball of flame and kick it towards a designated location. The ball releases a violent shockwave that deals damage to enemy Pokémon in the area of ​​effect. This Unite Move also increases the user’s movement speed for a short time when it hits.

CormorantCramorant Image

Creates a puddle at the user’s current location. The user constantly uses the mouth to grab Arrokud from the puddle and spit it out to attack the nearest enemy Pokemon. The user cannot move or use other moves while this move is in effect.

CrustleCrustle Image

Grants the user a shield for a short time and renders nearby enemy Pokémon unable to act, dealing damage to them over time. If the user takes damage during this move, the move deals additional hits to nearby enemy Pokémon.

DecidueyeDecidueye Image

Shoots quills in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemy Pokémon. The move ends by releasing a particularly large quill that deals damage to all enemy Pokemon it hits. This move deals increased damage if the enemy Pokemon’s remaining HP is low. When using this move, the user becomes immune to obstacles, but cannot move.

DelphoxDelphox Image

Deals damage over time to enemy Pokémon in a designated area of ​​effect. Enemy Pokémon hit has their movement speed reduced for a short time and their HP recovery effects weakened.

DragoniteDragonite Image

It sends the user flying high into the air before crashing down with several comets at a designated location, dealing damage to enemy Pokemon in the area of ​​effect and knocking them away. The further the user flies, the more the Unite Move meter is used up. While using this Unite Move, the user becomes immune to obstacles.

DuraludoneDuraludon Image

The user turns and shoots a beam of light at the ground in a wide circle around them. If this beam hits an enemy Pokémon, it will damage it, grant the user a shield, and increase its attack for a short time. Both the shielding effect and attack boost are boosted the more enemy Pokémon are hit by the beam of light. Damage dealt to any enemy Pokemon in the area of ​​effect after firing a beam of light. A burning ring is left where the beam of light touched the ground, and enemy Pokémon that touch the ring will take damage and have their movement speed reduced for a short time.

EldegossEldegoss Image

The user levitates into the air and becomes invincible. If used again, it lets the user pound the ground, attack and push the enemy Pokemon, and restore HP to connect with the Pokemon in the area of ​​effect.

EspeonEspeon Image

Have the user blow up enemy Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and suspend them with psychic power. After a delay, an explosion occurs that deals damage to enemy Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and knocks them.

Garchomp Garchomp Image

It has the user unleash a powerful chain attack while dashing forward. The ultimate attack throws the enemy Pokémon but also leaves the user acting for a short time.

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