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Who Is Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter?

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Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter is a major antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as the main antagonist in the Netflix television series Daredevil, and serving as a secondary antagonist in the third season.

He is a deeply disturbed and sadistic FBI agent who is manipulated by Wilson Fisk/Kingpin to become his right-hand man as well as Daredevil’s dummy to convict the real one.

He was portrayed by Wilson Bethel.


On the surface, Benjamin appeared to be a dedicated, hardworking, and diligent man who was eager to please his superiors in his FBI career. Although he was a determined person, he also had difficulty maintaining direct interaction with others, and as a result, came across as socially awkward to others.

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Nevertheless, Benjamin retained certain respect among his peers as he was incredibly competent and successful in all the tasks he was given to participate in. This compulsive desire to prove his worth extended to Wilson Fisk as well, once Poindexter was appointed to look after and serve as his enforcer.

His outward demeanor, while somewhat sincere in his attempt to blend in with society and impress his FBI workforce, and be seen as a laudable contributor, was a psychological mask, as Benjamin harbored a much darker impulse within him that has since. childhood.

In reality, he was a dangerous, mentally and emotionally unstable, angry, deranged, and psychopathic individual who had an implicit urge to hurt and kill others because it meant that Benjamin would be able to give him a sense of fulfillment and assert a degree of superiority as well as entertain with his actions.

As a typical sociopath, Benjamin feels no remorse for what he has done, such as during a therapy session when he admits to killing a baseball coach because he denied him another turn at the pitching table and decided to throw the ball.

He, even though the two became friends. He also has a sadistic streak as he has confessed to killing small animals such as kittens. While he tried not to admit it, he admitted that he enjoyed it and made it clear that in addition to being ruthless, he is also a bloodthirsty sadist who delights in the suffering of others (in many cases to vent his pain).

However, he was not devoid of feelings and humanity, as he was genuinely saddened by the deaths of his parents, therapist, and Julie Barnes, which drove him insane and vowed revenge for dying at the hands of Fisk.

Due to his traumatic past, Dexter tries his best to maintain a structured and orderly life, which has caused him to develop a fervent obsession with keeping his surroundings in his home completely clean, organized, and tidy, reflecting his trauma of not being able to be in control.

The tragedies he experienced during his youth prevented them. Because of these traumas, he has had severe abandonment issues since childhood due to the early loss of his parents, which left him with a sense of emptiness and a lifelong extreme fear of abandonment that led him to nearly kill his therapist for “abandonment”.

Died of old age. At the height of his madness, Dex begins to hear voices inside his head and the sound of swarming insects, reflecting his inner chaotic thoughts and his descent into madness and darkness. However, he still had a code of honor and ethics as he refused to kill his teammates (even though he hurt them badly) when meeting them while dressed as a daredevil in the Bulletin, showing that he cared a little about them.See the source image

Ultimately, once Dex was pushed to the edge by the loss of Juliet, he vowed to accept his cruel nature and accept her as his true self because he had nothing left to lose.


Benjamin Poindexter was the child of parents who were strongly implied to be abusive/poor caretakers who often resorted to berating and neglecting him. When they died when Benjamin was young and they were sent to an orphanage. The early loss of his parents left Ben with a deep sense of emptiness, loneliness, unhappiness, and depression as he longed for his deceased parents to return to him.

However, it also ensured that he could not be properly taught right and wrong, and also made him dangerously mentally and emotionally ill. He was also gifted with the deadliest aim, capable of turning any object into a deadly projectile and barely missing.

Symbolically, it means that despite all the pain, torment, and loneliness he has gone through that drives his desire and will to never miss a unique opportunity to have a better life with his family and people who love him, this is reflected in his goal. , a goal he perfected during his time at the orphanage by throwing a baseball at a wall and creating a hole in it, showing his desperation and desire to escape the situation he finds himself in.

FBI Agent

As an adult, Ben became an FBI agent in the hope that it would bring order and structure to his life, although he still had homicidal urges that occasionally manifested, such as when he murdered members of the Albanian terrorist crime empire in New York.

He had already given up and then lied about it, or when he lied again that he was coping with using deadly force on targets when in reality he was doing no such thing. During this time, Wilson Fisk became interested in Benjamin, who had previously saved his life, and began trying to get the young man on his side.

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