The Best Build For Talonflame In Pokemon Unite, Know The Twist How To Play


The Best Build For Talonflame In Pokemon Unite

Talonflame is a Speedster in Pokemon Unite, ready to attack quickly, score goals, and overwhelm opponents

Flaming Bird is known as a rookie playable in Pokemon Unite. Anyone can easily learn Talonflame and use Pokemon on the battlefield in this MOBA.

Mobility is the name of the game with Talonflame as a Speedster. Attacking can sometimes be a risky game, but being able to quickly escape and regroup is an important aspect of Talonflame’s abilities in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations Map

Start the Talonflame build path in Pokemon Unite by selecting Acrobatics. This is a dash attack with multiple attacks. Talonflame flies in slashes at the enemy and then can move freely.

Make sure you grab Aerial Ace at level 5. This is another physical attack in Pokemon Unite. With this move comes three attacks in one as Talonflame approaches. The following attack also gains when Aerial Ace lands.

Go with Brave Bird at level 7. Like the moves before it, this is a dodge attack for Talonflame. The Pokemon will fly in and attack all enemies in the designated area. It takes knockback damage, but the empowered move used afterward reduces its cooldown.

In Pokemon Unite, Talonflame has one of the better Unite Moves. Flame Sweep sees the bird fly high in the sky before falling and flying through a targeted path. Deals damage and knocks back anyone in its path.See the source image

The Scope lens is a great choice for a handheld subject. In Pokemon Unite, Talonflame will attack a lot. Scope Lens increases critical hit damage. This will provide a handful of boosted attacks in the game.

Attack Weight should be the second hold item for Talonflame. As a Speedster, this Pokemon should score a lot. Attack Weight permanently increases the user’s attack after scoring a goal.

The last item held for Talonflame should be Float Stone. He is already incredibly fast on the battlefield. Float Stone increases movement speed when not in combat, making it even faster.

Give him the Eject button for his battle item. Moving in and out is where Talonflame excels. The Eject button allows him to teleport forward a short distance, closing a gap after a damaged opponent or creating space to escape.

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