Pokemon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations Map


Pokemon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations Map

The first stop on your Pokémon Legends: Arceus wisps hunt beyond Jubilife Village is a search for the Obsidian Fieldlands across the plains and high hills. There are 20 Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp locations to find. Our wisps map lays them out on a route that we believe requires minimal backtracking work.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands location map

You can find all 20 Pokémon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands locations on the map above. We’ve numbered them in an order that we hope will minimize backtracking, taking you through the central island, then down the west side of the map, before looping from the bottom and up the east side. We recommend fishing at night because you can see them from a much greater distance. If you’re having trouble with any individual obsidian field, see below for more detailed instructions on where to look.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #1

The first Obsidian Fieldlands wisp is directly southwest of the starting camp. Go around or over the raised area to your right and look for a small flat-topped hill northwest of the Aspiration Hill Marker and southeast of Flora Gardens.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #2

The second trickle location is on the northwest side of the central island, part way up the cliff face. The trickle is on a green ledge above the height of the trees.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #3

Follow the northern edge of the central island to the east and stick to the base of the cliff. Where the water cuts into the cliff face is a small nook in the rock where you can grab the third trickle.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #4

The fourth trickle of Pokémon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands is located on the eastern edge of the central island’s mountain. Look for a ledge that looks down on a lower platform with a tree on it. The trickle is on the mat at the edge of the grass.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #5

The fifth trickle requires you to climb to the top of a massive rock jutting out above the Heights camp. it looks a bit like Pride Rock, only with far fewer lions kicking around. Use Sneazler or Braaviary to reach the top and grab the trickle at the very end.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #6

Another Obsidian Fieldlands wisp location is on the right side of the central island. Between the Axis of Obsidian Falls and the Oreburrow Tunnel, a path runs along the higher ground. Walk along it until you reach the end and are looking down at the acorn on the level below. The trickle should be right at the end of the green grass floor.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #7

The seventh obsidian Fieldlands wisp is at the southern end of the central island. There is a small plateau between the trees and a trickle sits near the tree.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #8

The location of Wisp #8 is on a small island between Windswept Run and Ramana’s Island. Swim over to Basculegion and it should be easy to catch on the north side of the island.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #9

The ninth obsidian Fieldlands wisp location is located on the path that leads south from Aspiration Hill to Sandgem Flats. Where the water cuts and the Alpha Snorlax is, there is a trickle up on the platform on the side of the mountain.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #10

For the 10th Obsidian Fieldlands wisp in Pokémon Legends Arceus, you will need to enter the Lake Verity area. The trickle is northeast of the Lake Verity marker, on a plateau along the water’s northern edge.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #11

Head down to the Sandgem Flats to reach the 11th Obsidian Fieldlands trickle. It is located on a sloping platform that sticks out at about a 45-degree angle in the middle of the area, below the “a” in Sandgem.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #12

To find trickle 12 in the Obsidian Fieldlands, you now want to jump across the water to Ramana’s Island. The trickle is at the south end of the island, on the lip, looking down into the center with Alpha Infernape. You will need to return to this area to get Ramana’s Island Combee for request 57.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #13

The 13th trickle is at the southernmost part of the Obsidian Fieldlands, southeast across the water from Ramana’s Island. Look straight to the end of the earth.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #14

You’ll need to climb the edge of the hill at Turnback Cave to find trickle 14. It’s on the east side of the edge, on the ledge towards Firespit Island.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #15

Continue along the east coast to reach Obsidian Fieldlands wisp 15. You will need to climb to the level above the beach, just below the first letter of The Heartwood sign. The trickle is at the end of a ledge before it drops onto the ridges surrounding the Heartwood River.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #16

The 16th Obsidian Fieldlands wisp is northeast of the last wisp, still following the paths along the top edge of the cliff. It is directly south of the headland that sticks down from the central island at its southeast corner.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #17

Obsidian Fieldlands #17 trickle is further along the eastern edge of the cliff, directly east of the Oreburrow Tunnel marker. It’s on a ledge just above the tree with the Royal Leaf.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #18

Further north on the east coast is a small island in the waters north of Obsidian Falls. You’ll have to drop down to the surface of the water to get to it, but the trickle is easy to collect here.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #19

The trickle of the 19th Obsidian Fields is located further up the east coast, this time on the south side of the mountain ridge that juts out from the east. It’s on a ledge that leads back to Obsidian Falls.

Obsidian Fieldlands wisp #20

The final location of the Obsidian Fields is back in the safety of the Horseshoe Plains. Look for a lake shaped like an inverted T. North of it should be an Alpha Rapidash with a circular raised platform nearby. Climb or fly up to catch the trickle above.

These are all Pokemon Legends: Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands locations.

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