PUBG: New State and Battlegrounds Getting a Assassin’s Creed Crossover Update!


Earlier this year, Assassin’s Creed and Garena Free Fire made a crossover in the battle royale genre, thanks to Ubisoft. The Assassins and Templars will soon appear in New State and PUBG Battlegrounds, as well as on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

The dual crossover, which will take place in mid-August to late September, has been confirmed by publisher Krafton. The PUBG Battlegrounds event begins on Wednesday, August 17, one day earlier than the other. Players will be able to acquire nine as-yet-unreleased goods with Assassin’s Creed game themes. A parachute skin, an emote, a gun charm, two sprays, two outfits, two bag sets, and an emote are among them. Players will discover Abstergo Industries artefacts, a full-fledged Animus, and multiple ledges in the Leap of Faith style on the Haven map, which will also host an Assassin’s Creed takeover. The celebration continues through September 22nd.

PUBG: New State and Battlegrounds Getting a Assassin's Creed Crossover Update!

Battlegrounds’ own event serves as the tournament’s bookend and will take place from Thursday, August 18 through Wednesday, September 21. In addition to Shay’s costume from Rogue and Ezio’s outfit from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, winnable cosmetics during that period will also feature an upgradeable SIG-MCX skin, two vehicle skins, a parachute skin, and a coat of arms, according to Krafton. Players will receive more rewards for logging in every day, and Krafton has hinted that there is more to be earned “by finishing story objectives to learn the truth behind the supposed presence of Templars and Assassins in Erangel and Troi.”

A cooperation between Among Us and New State added a minigame to the mobile battle royale before this. The new Deston map and various useful items, including ascenders and parachutes, were added in PUBG Battlegrounds’ most recent version. Both of those ought to be helpful during the Assassin’s Creed crossover, enabling players to climb walls and leap over ledges securely much like Assassins do. This month marks the second anniversary of the fantastic mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes, a spinoff of the venerable PC MMORPG EVE Online. A top-tier mobile game can only celebrate by introducing a tonne of brand-new modes, features, and events.

PUBG: New State and Battlegrounds Getting a Assassin's Creed Crossover Update!

On August 3, the second anniversary upgrade will be available. You can take part in the Voyage Ceremony, which is appropriately stunning, as it begins. During a unique live event, each organisation will have the chance to leave its mark on the proceedings. In addition, there will be a twist in the form of an unexpected maintenance crash. While this is happening, you can look for Easter Eggs both inside and outside the game to unlock rewards. As if you needed more evidence that developer NetEase is going all out, there is also a music video. You can see and listen to the song, titled Beyond the Sky, on YouTube, Spotify, or another preferred streaming service. Finally, NetEase is organising a live streaming event on Facebook where businesses will be able to exchange screenshots, tales, and other information. Naturally, you can also dive into some fresh content. Sleepers is the first. The ancient race that makes up this brand-new adversary type is one that everyone in the EVE Echoes universe assumed had vanished. Instead, they were asleep until the Centrals, a subclass of barely cognizant people tasked with caring for the Sleepers in the Dormant Realm, decided to awaken them.

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