How to Complete The Visions of Kourna Collection Guild wars 2?


The Kourna map has a tonne of sights and activities for Guild Wars 2 players to take advantage of. Unfortunately, it’s also where one of the necessary parts for the Vision Legendary item may be found. Players must navigate several maps and engage with a variety of objects in this collection. Although only a small component in creating the legendary trinket, this step is crucial. We’ll look at where to find the various artefacts in this guide so you can finish the Vision of Korna collection.

This is all you need to complete Kourna’s Collection

A reward track for mastery completion is required. Additionally, you need to bring a skyscale Crack mastery open. You’ll need Mastery Insight Points to complete this. After obtaining these, you must level up in order to gain mastery. You can accomplish this by successfully completing the events on the Path of Fire and Living World Season 4 maps. The objects and locations needed to finish Kourna’s vision collection are listed below.

Thing place
heavy corsair jerkin complete the Long Live the Lich Mastery or by completing Domain of Kourna Reward Track, You will receive a Corsair Jerkin Box that will provide you with the item. Armor class doesn’t matter.
Vision of Dragons: Aurin it is located above Lady Camilla, the place is in zelban garrison,
Colleagues’ vision: Blish find data log printout, it is located in Allied Cantonment and west of Lady Camilla.
Enemies Sight: Olori Ogun Defeat TroopMarshal Olori Ogun, make sure you have Memory Essence Encapsulator in your list.
Sight of the Landscape: Area of ​​Kourna Skyscale is required. You have to reach the Rift above Allied CantonmentKourna Insight: Just above the domain of Allied Encampment.
commander’s banner either an. drawn by armorsmithleather workereither Tailor of 500 ratings.
You will need: X1 Million Banner Polls. x1 Banner Penn. x25 Orichalkam Ingot. x20 unknown die.
Work Vision: Area of ​​Kourna talk to researcher tebb that will turn you into a Choya, From here you must join NPC Choya’s dance, following their moves.


You must make the Commander Back Item Banner yourself because it is not available for purchase at the Black Lion Trading Post. However, the recipe can be purchased for one gold from Lady Camilla at the Allied camp in the Kurna region. The Path of Fire extension was released after the inclusion of the Living World Season 4 maps, which include the domain of Korna. Unlike other maps, this one doesn’t contain a lot of brand, but it does feature a lot of awoken monsters. Gandra the Moon Fortress, a highly secure site to the south, is one of the other notable aspects of the map. One of the maps that contains Mastery Insight Points, a collection of which permits users to activate end-game talents and abilities, is the Domain of Kourna. This guide will outline the locations of each Mastery Insight Point in the Kourna region. It’s not difficult to reach this Mastery Insight Point. If you don’t have Skyscale, one plump will be need to access it. to the top of the skyscraper using scaffolding that they could hop up. The single point of insight is mastery. with pearls all around.

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