HBO’s “The Princess” Gets a New Trailer!


Even after so many years of the tragic demise of the late People’s princess Diana, there are fans all over the world who still love to see some hidden photographs or footages or basically anything that gives a sneak peek into the royal lady’s secretive life. Fans that still speculate a murder and clue of the royal family being involved in it are always interested to know more about the same.

While few days before, Gizmotable had informed you about a new Nefflix biopic on the life of the  late princess, HBO has recently released a trailer of “The Princess” that happens to be a documentary filmof Princess Diana and we cannot wait to talk about it.

HBO's "The Princess" Gets a New Trailer!

On Wednesday, HBO released a trailer for the Ed Perkins-directed documentary titled “The Princess,” which is set to premiere on Aug. 13. The film promises to explore Diana’s struggles in the spotlight, her doomed marriage to Prince Charles, and how the non-stop paparazzi frenzy contributed to her sudden death on Aug. 31, 1997.

The trailer begins with the interview of Charles and Diana followed by their engagement ceremony. At the time, the pair were asked about their first impressions of each other.

“I remember thinking what a very jolly and amusing and attractive 16-year-old she was,” Charles is heard saying. “I don’t know what you thought of me…”

“Pretty amazing,” Diana chimed.

HBO's "The Princess" Gets a New Trailer!

The trailer has  captured a few clips of Diana being mobbed by crowds and hounded by photographers as Charles realized he’s “taking second place,” as one reporter put it. The film also reveals the backlash Diana endured as her popularity grew. While one person is heard saying, “She has a sick mind,”  another is quoted  saying, “She likes to be bloody well watched.”

At one point, Diana is seen putting her hand over a camera lens. The trailer then shows Prince William and Prince Harry as carefree boys before they eventually lose their mother and have to walk behind her coffin in public.

“When you put a modern person in an ancient institution, they will be destroyed,” someone is heard saying.

“The Princess” premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. It will air on HBO and HBO MAX.

You can watch the trailer here at-

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