As a New Feature, the Knight Bus in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Lets You Play From your Own House?


The augmented reality mobile app game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which includes a wizard-themed, has just introduced a new feature that allows players to keep their adventures from the comfort of their own homes, even while the coronavirus continues to spread. This new feature was just recently introduced. As a result of the implementation of the well-known purple Knight Bus from the book series, players who are currently in lockdown or quarantine will be allowed to continue attacking adversaries even while they are in these states.

The designers of the game said in a blog post that was published on Monday that players would no longer be required to hold out their wand hand and wait at the curb for the Knight Bus. Instead, players will be able to just tap on the new Knight Bus button that is located inside the Map view. Keep hold of your wands, for the Knight Bus is going to whisk you away to a stronghold that is located inside of Hogwarts Castle at this very second.

As a New Feature, the Knight Bus in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Lets You Play From your Own House?

Only players who have reached level 7 or above will have access to the Knight Bus. The function, which is going to be implemented very soon, is going to stay in the game after the lockdowns. The developers of the game have said that it is “here to stay.”

The game was announced in 2017, and it was developed under the name Portkey Games by WB

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite developed by Niantic is receiving a significant upgrade that will feature remote play. Rollout has started for the brand-new feature known as the Knight Bus, which enables players to participate in Wizarding Challenges at Hogwarts without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This new feature is now available to all players that are level 40 or above. The Knight Bus may be accessible via the map view, and once there, it will immediately transport sorcerers and witches to outlying strongholds. Players may employ runestones and engage in combat against a variety of enemies in Wizarding Challenges in these distant strongholds, just as they would at regular fortresses, but they don’t even have to leave their houses to do so.

As a New Feature, the Knight Bus in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Lets You Play From your Own House?

As it does with many other new features, Niantic will progressively lower the level restrictions for accessing the Knight Bus until ultimately any player with a level 7 or above will have access to it. Even while we do not have an official timetable, past new features introduced by Niantic have taken anything from a few hours to a few days to roll out to all of the players who are expected to get them. Also, keep a look out for the Knight Bus and make sure the most recent update has been downloaded. When it is made accessible to a wider variety of gamers, we will let you know right here.

Games San Francisco and Niantic, the company that was responsible for creating Pokémon Go. It was released in June of 2019, and it requires the use of the GPS on your mobile device so that you may walk about in the real world while interacting with augmented reality items, monsters, areas of interest, and other wizards and witches on the game map.

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