Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!


If you are using one of the most current versions of Photoshop CC, you may have noticed that on the Home Screen, Photoshop displays a list of the photos that you have viewed most recently, similar to the snapshot below. This feature was included in one of the most recent updates to Photoshop CC.

When doing work on a personal computer, this seems to be a really helpful tool to have available in order to quickly access the most recently used files.

On the other hand, if you are using a shared computer or if you are working with coworkers who also have access to the Photoshop application, you may not want other people to see the files that you have recently accessed.

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!

Therefore, for those who do not want their privacy to be compromised by using this option in Photoshop, I will demonstrate how to delete the recently visited photographs from your Home Screen or how to eliminate this option entirely in the next article.

The best way to delete recently opened files in Photoshop

Your most recently accessed photographs will be shown on the Home Screen of Photoshop in a total of 20 thumbnails at a time. In the event that you are worried about maintaining your privacy, the most prudent course of action would be to delete them.

Selecting Files > Open Recent and then choosing Erase Recent File List from the drop-down menu will clear all of the photos currently shown on your Photoshop Home Screen.

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!

By doing this, the history of recently visited photographs will be deleted, and the Home Screen will reset to a blank screen. This is how it will look:

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!

Having said that, this strategy is only going to be effective for as long as you continue to open new image files; after that, the Home Screen will once again get cluttered with the pictures you’ve most recently seen.

Therefore, you should only use this approach if you want to wipe the history of your files for the time being or if you want to ensure that the subsequent person who uses Photoshop does not know what picture files you were working on in the past.

The steps necessary to turn off “Recent” in Photoshop

Try out the following way if you want to make sure that the option to display recently used files on Photoshop’s Home screen is turned off permanently.

Step 1: Navigate to the Preferences section of Photoshop.

Go to Photoshop > Preferences > General on your Mac, or press Command + K on your keyboard to utilize the keyboard shortcut. Users of Windows may do the same thing by going to Edit > Preferences > General or by using the shortcut key combination Control + K.

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!


Step 2. Change File Handling Settings

To alter the default setting for “Recent File List Contains” from “20” to “0,” go to the “File Handling” section on the left sidebar and click on “File Handling.”

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!

This will instruct Photoshop to show 0 photos, or none at all, rather than the default of 20 images that were visited most recently.

Step 3. Disabling the Home Screen is theĀ 

Remove Recent Files in Photoshop: The Step-by-Step Guide!

Uncheck the box next to “Auto display the Home Screen” on the General tab of the Preferences menu. This is the last and most important step. When you run Photoshop in the future, this will prevent the Home Screen from being shown.

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