Guys, Here Are Some Leaks About a Sonic-Themed Level That Will Be Available This Fall!


It is possible that Fall Guys, which has been given a fresh lease of life, could be able to give its competitor in the Epic Battle Royale genre, Fortnite, a run for its money in the near future. On the other hand, Fortnite maintains its position as the unchallenged leader in the crossover genre. The most recent material that has been discovered to have been stolen suggests that one of the next collaborations that will reportedly be a part of Fall Guys will be another Sonic team-up, and this time around, it will come complete with a level that is modeled after blue blur.

There has been a previous collaboration between Sonic and Fall Guys, and despite the fact that the skins haven’t been available for quite some time, it’s possible that you’ll still come across the occasional bean dressed as Sonic or Knuckles. This was due to the fact that there was a previous collaboration between Sonic and Fall Guys. If the findings of the leaker known as FGPancake are to be believed, both of them will be brought back, maybe as soon as the month of August, along with Tails, as well as Super Sonic and Robotnik skins. Tails will also be one of the playable characters.

Guys, Here Are Some Leaks About a Sonic-Themed Level That Will Be Available This Fall!

The fact that FGPancake may be working on a brand-new level for Fall Guys that is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog’s classic Green Hill Zone is, however, the most important thing to learn from this leak. You can see the leaked level, which is called Bean Hill Zone (awesome), in the video that can be found below. You can see that the layout is based on the original Sonic level, and in addition to that, it has springs that are shaped like stars, and the objective of the level is for you to gather rings.

It is not yet obvious what the purpose of this additional level is. It appears more like Tail Tag or Hoopla than it does a race or an obstacle course, which are both common features of many of the Fall Guys’ levels. Beans are placed into a confined arena and given a mission rather than just completing the race in the quickest time possible. There is a good chance that the rings will play a role in this, and you will either compete against other people as part of a group or on your own to accumulate more rings than they do or to be the first to reach a certain threshold of rings before your time runs out.

Guys, Here Are Some Leaks About a Sonic-Themed Level That Will Be Available This Fall!

There is widespread consensus that the Fall Guys level, which was described in the previous paragraph, will debut in August, at some time or another. Two years have passed after the release of Fall Guys, and in conjunction with the newly released Sonic skins stated above. In other Fall Guys news, everyone of you who play should have recently gotten a free skin as a makegood for the problems that some of you had with the in-game shop. This was done as a makegood for the troubles that some of you had.

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