Know More about the New Faces in Big Brother Season 24!


Like any other reality show, fans and audiences get equally excited when it comes to the premiere of new seasons of Big Brother as well. But for those who are not aware what Big Brother is all about-

It is a reality show where American strangers, cut off themselves from the outside world and try to coexist together in a house for winning a decided cash prize. Every week, the houseguests are met with extreme challenges, close-quarters conspiring and game-shaking powers as they avoid being nominated and subsequently evicted from the house.

Know More about the New Faces in Big Brother Season 24!

All about Big Brother Season 24

As much as you are excited for the show, we are excited to tell you that Big Brother is back with its 24th season and we will let you know every detail we have so far including the premiere date, finale date, winning prize and the much awaited cast reveal. Read on to know more….

Well the reality show Big Brother Season 24 will last upto a total number of 82 days. The prize money for the winner will be same as the last season that is $750,000. While the season already premiered on July 6, 2022, it will make air its 2 hour finale episode on September 25, 2022.

The Cast Reveal

Now if you are excited to know about the contestants already. Here’s the list-

Know More about the New Faces in Big Brother Season 24!

1. Joseph Abdin: First on our list is a 24 years old lawyer from Lakeworth.

2. Alyssa Snider: The next contestant also  happens to be a 24 years old marketing rep.

3. Taylor Hale: A personal stylist by profession, this 27 year old hails from West Bloomfield.

4. Indy Santos: Originally hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, this 31 year old corporate flight attendant now resides in Los Angeles, California.

5. Terrance Higgins: Next on our list, we have this 47 year old bus operator from Chicago.

6. Ameera Jones: Aged 31, this content designer hails from Westminster.

7. Joe Pooch Piciarelli: An assistant football coach by profession, this 24 year old contestant hails from New York but currently resides in Boca Raton.

8. Jasmine Davis: This 29 year old entrepreneur from Terry is currently operating work from Atlanta.

9. Matthew Turner: This 23 year old participant owns a thrift store at New Bedford.

10. Michael Bruner: This 28 year old attorney from Rochester made it to the list of contestants this season.

11. Nicole Layog: This 41 year old private chef from Fort Lauderdale is next on our list.

12. Palomar Agular: The next contestant is a 22 year old interior designer from San Marcos.

13. Brittany Hoopes: Originally hailing from Atlanta, the 32 year old hypnotherapist is currently operating from Austin, Texas.

14. Monte Taylor: This 27 year old is a personal trainer from Bear.

15. Kyle Capener: Next on the list is a 29 year old from Bountiful, Utah.

16. Daniel Durston: Last but not the least, this 35 year old Las Vegas performer made it to the list of contestants this season.

Let’s see how this season goes….

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