Is Bluetooth 5.3 better than its Predecessor?


The ability of Bluetooth technology to gradually upgrade itself is one of its secrets. Even after more than 20 years, Bluetooth remains one of the most widely used technologies and is widely used in a variety of products. Last major upgrade was released in 2016, however since then, there have been minor adjustments.

The most current version of this protocol to be released is Bluetooth 5.3, which we may start using in the second quarter of 2022 when manufacturers begin to include it in the newest smartphones and headsets.


Significant improvements to performance, user experience, and most importantly energy consumption are brought about by Bluetooth 5.3. By giving users more choice over the encrypted key’s size, this new version further enhances security. The encryption key’s minimum size can be specified by the controller with Bluetooth 5.3 in order to connect to another device.

Is Bluetooth 5.3 better than its Predecessor?

Connection Subrating , Channel Classification Enhancement, periodic Advertisement Interval are also introduced in this version.

Connection Subrating minimizes time while speeding up connection parameter changes. It provides a better user experience while retaining low-duty cycle connections’ power-saving qualities. This is especially helpful in cutting-edge medical equipment like a smart blood glucose metre.

This version contains a filter for changes to the Periodic Advertising Process to enhance performance while using less energy. This indicates that redundant data is removed from the transmission, reducing the modest peak power usage of the data supply.

A linked Bluetooth LE Central device may now receive radio channel classification information from Bluetooth LE Peripheral devices, which it can utilize to conduct channel selection during adaptive frequency hopping. By lessening sensitivity to interference occurring at the Peripheral when the Peripheral and Central devices are not physically adjacent to one another, this increases throughput and dependability.

5.3 or 5.2?

Is Bluetooth 5.3 better than its Predecessor?

Bluetooth 5.2 is a superior option if you wish to have effective transactions between two or more apps at once with less latency. For optimum signal transmission with low power consumption, it is a superior choice.

Bluetooth 5.2 is a superior option for perfect streaming on multiple synchronized streams. Bluetooth 5.2 is a superior alternative for transmitting high-quality music since LE Audio uses less power and bandwidth.

Bluetooth 5.3 is a better choice if you want to quicken connection settings for high-duty cycle applications while still preserving power.

By lowering interference at the peripheral, it provides greater dependability and throughput. Processing repetition is minimized. Bluetooth 5.3 is a superior option for IoT applications.

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