These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!


How well-known are movies set in or involving other dimensions? In order to answer this question, we analyzed and evaluated various Parallel Universe films.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite movies that include parallel worlds, ranging from somber existential themes to romance and animation, for when you’re in a multiverse mood.

  1. Donnie Darko

These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!

In the psychological suspense film Donnie Darko, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a troubled adolescent who starts seeing visions of a sinister rabbit for no apparent reason. This psychedelic coming-of-age tale is set in a hyperbolic depiction of white suburbia, making for a really surreal account of the coming of age process. The theories presented in the movie on how time travel works show us both a Primary Universe and a Tangent Universe, but it’s unclear to us if these are really parallel worlds or the decaying mind of the young protagonist. If you like foreboding movies that deal with existential topics like religion, death, or insanity, then you will probably appreciate this video, despite the fact that it is tough to follow.

2. Comet

These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!

Comet is a surreal romantic film in the same vein as 500 Summer days and Everlasting Sunshine of the Bleak Mind. The love narrative that takes place between the film’s two main protagonists is told to us in not one, not two, but five separate worlds, and it jumps constantly from one changed frame to another. The film enables us to discern various realities from the character’s haircuts and occasionally galaxy clustered backgrounds; nonetheless, the nonlinear narrative compels us to wonder whether is current, past, or even dream. We really like the humorous banter and the dream-like cinematography that incorporates glitches and cosmic vistas that drive this confusing narrative about love and fate.

3. Woodshock

These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!

The Rodarte sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, made their d├ębut in the film industry with their first feature, Woodshock. The use of various psychoactive substances served as a driving force behind the narrative of this feature-length film, which took place in the forest. In the first scene of the film, the main heroine, who is portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, is shown working at a cannabis store in North Carolina. There, she uses a joint that has been laced with drugs to assist her terminally sick mother in ending her life. The narrative is about drugs (which is why it takes place in a parallel dimension), but it is mostly about loss and the inner anguish that it may cause. The experimental style of the film depicts these emotional issues via hallucinations and heightened visuals of the protagonist wandering through beautiful but eerie settings. We appreciated the video more for the melancholy stream of consciousness than for the conclusion to the tale; also, it was fascinating to see fashion designers experiment with a variety of mediums in order to communicate their artistic vision.

4. Another Earth

These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!

As a background to a narrative about love and heartbreak, Another Earth cleverly incorporates science fiction elements. The story revolves on a young lady who is on a mission to atone for the terrible disaster that she committed. Grief and despair had engulfed her victim, a music professor who had just reached the pinnacle of his profession before the catastrophe. A parallel Earth is discovered at a period when humanity has developed to the discovery of a parallel world. Another Earth piqued our interest with its exploration of topics such as forgiveness and second chances while also posing philosophical issues about the perils of uncovering a parallel reality.

5. Coraline

These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!These Parallel Universe Movies will Take You to Some whole New World!

With little choice but to relocate, eleven-year-old Coraline explores the ancient and strange home she’s been given to see whether there’s a secret door leading to a “other realm” where she may live out her wildest ideas. Songs, mystery and symbolism are used in this dark animated short to explore the meaning of “home” while creating a spooky parallel reality. We adore the contrast of odd otherness and fun in this visually engaging stop motion.

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