Is there going to be a Messiah Season 2?


Netflix has decided to pull the plug on Messiah after the first season due to the religious overtones of the program and the following response that it has received. In the suspenseful movie, CIA agent Eva Geller, played by actress Michelle Monaghan, is involved in the investigation of Al-Masih, a mysterious figure. Al-Masil said that in order to save mankind, higher powers had sent him to Earth, with Mehdi Dehbi playing the part.

As a direct result of their followers wreaking mayhem as a direct result of their beliefs, global organizations started taking note of these schemes to dominate mankind. A predicament arises for Agent Eva as a result of the fact that she is tasked with judging whether or not the individual in question is indeed divine or just another con artist.

Cancellation: What are the reasons for Messiah Season 2?

Terrible news for Messiah fans: There will be no second season of the program, Netflix has revealed. Season 2 of Messiah has been canceled, according to Netflix.

Is there going to be a Messiah Season 2?

A member of the cast, Wil Traval, broke the news of the cancellation of the show on his Instagram account.

This makes it quite clear that Messiah was not completed in the first season, nor was its production delayed; rather, it was canceled altogether. It has actors from all over the world and is shot in a wide array of countries and cities across the world. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the film’s plot, which takes place in many locations, would be very challenging, if not downright impossible, to realize. In the trailer for Messiah, Al-Masih was subjected to a great deal of criticism.

In Islamic eschatology, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, a villainous person, goes by the name of Al-Masih. He was referred to be a liar, a fraud, and a fake Messiah. A simple reference to Islam made this film seem to be a blatant attack on the religion. This evidence makes it difficult to trust Netflix’s assertion that Messiah was and is purely the product of imagination and invention, as the Netflix representative asserted in her press conference. A petition with more than 4,000 signatures calling for the name to be changed sparked a lot of controversy. The outcry was exacerbated even further when the Jordanian Royal Film Commission requested that the film not be shown in Muslim nations two days before its premiere.

A disappointment for those who had been hoping for a big next-season flop, the cancellation of this film is. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the petitions that have sprung up in response to this news on Twitter.

Is there going to be a Messiah Season 2?

If Messiah is renewed for a second season, who might we expect to see on the cast list?

Despite the fact that season one would be the only time we saw this movie, many individuals worked long and hard to make it a huge success. Michelle Monaghan, Tomer Sisley, John Ortiz, Melina Page Hamilton, Stefania Lavie Owen, Jane Adams, Sayyid El Alami, and Fares Landoulsi are among the cast members. These people’s efforts to bring this project to fruition are laudable.

Assuming there’s another season, we may anticipate the Messiah Season 2 Trailer to be published in the weeks and days running up to its real release date on December 21, 2017. For now, here’s a trailer for the first season of Messiah. You should definitely watch the series if you haven’t.

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