Resident Evil Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video games?


Since the inception of the Resident Evil movie franchise, characters have been adapted from the video games; but, how well do these characters compare to the game versions? Let’s find out.

The Resident Evil video game series has been around for more than twenty years, and it does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. The most recent installment in the series, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, was released on the 24th of January and is now being lauded as both a daring innovation and a suitable return to form by fans of the franchise. In the meanwhile, the video games have been adapted into a film franchise, which will have its sixth and final installment released in cinemas on January 27. The Resident Evil films, which are shepherded by filmmaker Paul WS Anderson, are adored for their R-rated brutality, their advocacy of strong female butt-kickers, and for just being a fun series of B-grade action pictures.

Resident Evil Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video games?

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Resident Evil movies is the way in which the filmmakers take certain characters and events from the video games and use them as a source of ideas for their own narratives and action scenes. The movies often adapt characters from video games, however the degree to which they stay true to the source material varies greatly from film to film.

The majority of fans are aware that Milla Jovovich’s Alice, who plays the lead role in the ever-expanding film series, is a movie-only character who does not make any appearances in any of the video games. In order to compile this list, we are going to compare the significant characters from the Resident Evil movie franchise to the roles they play in the respective video game franchises.

The following chart compares 5 characters from the Resident Evil movies to their respective incarnations in the video games.

Chris Redfield

Resident Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video Games?

In the first Resident Evil, players may choose between Jill and Chris Redfield, another member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. Chris plays the “generic action man” in the games. Code: Veronica is the first Resident Evil game since 1996’s Resident Evil, in which he saves his sister. His previous commanding officer, Albert Wesker, has now transformed into a ruthless criminal who beats him up. Upon his reappearance in Resident Evil 5, Chris’ body has undergone a radical transformation. Chris, to put it mildly, had pushed himself a bit harder than usual in the gym. Chris in RE5 looks like he could thrash Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in an arm wrestling match in a heartbeat! As for Resident Evil: Vendetta, Chris will appear as a co-star in the next CGI feature.

Albert Wesker

Resident Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video Games?

Albert Wesker was the saga’s main villain until Resident Evil 5. Wesker led STARS, yet he was an Umbrella operative. Wesker returns in Code: Veronica with God-like abilities. Albert was part of the “Wesker Project” to create unstoppable supermen in Resident Evil 5. Chris Redfield and his buddies stopped Wesker’s “Complete. Global. Saturation.”

Jason O’Mara as Wesker in Resident Evil: Extinction (Terra Nova, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Shawn Roberts replaced O’Mara in Afterlife. Roberts doesn’t have O’Mara’s resume, but he’s terrific in the part. He captures Wesker’s face, voice, and snobbish superiority.


Resident Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video Games?

Zombies, the most prevalent enemy in Resident Evil, are portrayed similarly throughout the movies and games. In games and movies, zombies are plodding shamblers that overwhelm with numbers and perseverance, not method. Headshots are more effective against them.

Resident Evil 4 added Los Ganados, parasite-infected individuals converted into a Bio Organic Weapon. These animals have a loose hive mind, some intellect, and can attack with swords, spears, assault guns, and rocket launchers. Resident Evil: Retribution added the Las Plagas monsters to the film series, making its zombies more resemble those in recent RE games.

The Licker

Resident Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video Games?

The Licker, introduced in Resident Evil 2, became a fan favorite. Skinless abominations with exposed brains somewhat resemble humans. They climb walls and ceilings on all fours. Despite their unique look, their lengthy tongues are most notable. In the games, their tongues are sharp like spears and may stab targets or decapitate victims. A new Licker appears in Resident Evil 5, proving the creature’s popularity and fearsomeness.

Resident Evil flicks include lickers. First film’s last monster was a Licker. It’s larger and absorbs more damage than in the game. In the first sequel, Alice easily dispatches many Lickers. Resident Evil: Retribution’s boss enemy is an exceptionally big Licker. The monster in the movies can’t cut with its tongue, unlike in the games. Instead of using their claws, Lickers use their tongues to lasso their prey.

Ada Wong

Resident Boss Addresses Supernatural Comparison What Does This Have to Do With Video Games?

Ada Wong is a mystery spy in Resident Evil 2. Despite her hard appearance, she likes Leon. In Resident Evil 4, she reappears as Wesker’s employee (it’s the hair). Or she was manipulating him since he assumed she was his agent. She returned for RE6 and Damnation.

Ada and Leon are complementary characters that keep each other and the player on their toes. Ada is a generic squad member in Retribution. She and Leon have seductive conversations, but none of the video game suspense. Sally Cahill, who portrayed Ada in Resident Evil 2 and 4, dubs Li Bingbing’s voice. It’s fantastic that Cahill was able to utilize her voice to bring Ada to life in the film.

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