Everything about One Punch Man Chapter 165!


When we are talking about Manga comics and series, we mostly talk about the plot line, the villain, the heroes, the demons and the storylines that attracts the audience. And when one talks about few of the most widely popular manga series, one should never forget about One Man Punch.

Now, for those who don’t know!

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero manga series created by One. It tells the story of Saitama,  a superhero who, because he can defeat any opponent with a single punch, grows bored from a lack of challenge. 

One Punch Man is one of the hottest shonen anime and manga series at the moment, and manga readers are having the time of their lives as the recent set of events have completely altered the overall plot. The current story arc is one of the best arcs One Punch Man has had so far, and fans  eagerly wait in anticipation of the upcoming set of chapters.

Everything about One Punch Man Chapter 165!

Today, we will be talking about a particular chapter in specific that is Chapter 165. While each chapter takes us a bit closer to what we call an entity as God, let’s find out what happens in One Punch Man Chapter 165.

Garou turns nuclear quite literally!

While Garou has always been represented as someone who strived to understand the flow of energy that was present in the gushing water streams and replicated that in his combat moves. This chapter however showed us that Garou understood all types of energy that ever exists in the universe and was then able to harness this to create more powerful moves.
One of his moves “All Life Eradication Fist” was so powerful that he was able to implement nuclear fission into his attack. This attack was strong enough to put scratches on Saitama. 

Saitama had to encounter the attack and he too released a couple of punches. The One Punch Man Hero Hunter was still  annoyed since the Caped Baldy wasn’t paying attention to him. He released another attack called Gamma Ray Burst. It’s very unlike Saitama to flee from the scene when someone is fighting him. He realized that it was extremely powerful and that he cannot dodge that. However, it looked like Saitama got caught in the attack.

Everything about One Punch Man Chapter 165!

Garou turns epitome of evil in this chapter!

After that attack however, Garou stood before all the heroes who gathered together. He looked down on them, and the heroes realized that he was the one responsible for all those attacks. He could sense the fear in the heroes, and there was a feeling of despair that had struck them deep in their hearts. There was a brief moment where Silver Fans spoke to Garou and told him that he was able to sense that he had come to his senses after their fight.
Later, it was revealed that Garou didn’t take help from God and refused it by slapping his hand away. Despite this, he received power when he touched the entity’s hand. Garou became the entity’s avatar and God seemed to have disappeared in a second. Garou also went on to tell his former master that he didn’t turn into God’s puppet and that all his actions were a result of his own will. While he thinks about Tareo calling him the coolest hero, he asks for forgiveness because it is time for him to conduct evil.


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