New Content for Resident Evil and Attack on Titan was Revealed During the Dead by Daylight Event!


Dead by Daylight will, according to the announcement made by Behavior Interactive, see an Attack on Titan crossover at some point in the future. This information was disclosed during the livestream celebration of Dead by Daylight’s sixth anniversary. The Attack on Titan event, on the other hand, will simply feature cosmetics. This implies that there is no guarantee that any of the characters from Attack on Titan will show up in Dead by Daylight. Instead, well-known characters from the show will have their appearances influenced by other major players in the story.

There will be a total of three Attack on Titan outfits that may be purchased. Dwight and Zarina, both of the Survivors, will each get outfits that are modeled by Eren Yaeger and Hange Zoe, respectively. The Oni, who was one of the original Killers in Dead by Daylight, is going to have an outfit that makes him seem like an armored titan. The outfit of the Armored Titan will, however, be customized with a number of one-of-a-kind features. These include what can only be described as ice-like protrusions and a weapon with a design based on the same concept.

Resident boss Addresses Supernatural comparison What does this have to do with video games?

The isometric horror game Dead by Daylight has previously had crossovers that were linked to video games; however, this particular crossover is the first one to be inspired by anime. Among them are Resident Evil and the Silent Hill series. Because of these crossovers, Survivors and Killers linked with each series were included into the game. This meant that Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head and Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis were included in the game.

You can play Dead by Daylight on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, personal computers (PC), Android, and iOS devices.

A recent livestream for the asymmetric survival game Dead by Daylight that was uploaded to YouTube provides a plan for the seventh year’s worth of content for the game. During the livestream celebrating the game’s sixth anniversary, Behaviour Interactive debuted a brand new chapter called Chapter 24: Roots of Dread. This chapter is an original story that will include a new murderer, survivor, and map. The new foe for this part of the story is called The Dredge, and it has the appearance of a revolting mass of writhing flesh that is able to teleport between lockers. While this is going on, the survivor Haddie Kaur is a supernaturally sensitive adventurer who has advantages based on her ability to sense evil. Last but not least, the new map for Gardens of Joy comes in the shape of a fairly typical home that really conceals a twisted eldritch interior.

During the seventh year of the game’s life cycle, players can look forward to thrilling new content that comes from both original inventions and two new Dead by Daylight crossovers. During the forthcoming crossover event for Attack on Titan, both survivors and murderers will have the opportunity to purchase new cosmetics based on their favorite anime series. Players will be able to assume the appearance of other characters, such as Dwight or the Armored Titan, thanks to these new clothes. During the broadcast, there was also a hint for a new Resident Evil crossover that was going to be called Project W. This next collaboration will most likely include a new murderer as well as extra survivors from the long-running survival horror game.

The Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary webcast was full of shocks, but the revelations of The Dredge and Attack on Titan cosmetics were among the most surprising of the bunch. Another Resident Evil crossover is exciting, despite the fact that very little information regarding the next event is currently available to the public. Dead by Daylight is showing no signs of slowing down, despite the fact that it is nearing its seventh year.

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