Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?


Johnny Depp went from a Hollywood darling to a 50-year-old mess. His personal fortune, once estimated at around $4 million, has dwindled to $200 million. And some say that number is wishful thinking. There is talk of a lack of cash flow and divestitures to raise money by selling some of its assets.

Like most Hollywood boom-bust tales, it’s a combination of things. Depp got out of control and allegedly spent at ridiculous levels. He also made the mistake of hiring various family members to work for him. The other side of the coin is that those who managed his interest did not do a very good job. This was made worse by Johnny Depp’s tendency to take his eye off the ball and let things flow. Plus, his self-confident love of booze and weed means he’s increasingly unpredictable. It’s all a blatant mess.

Although Depp is almost out of bankruptcy, he is forced to sell assets. And all this comes at a time when his future in Hollywood is uncertain. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that played a role in Johnny Depp’s financial meltdown.

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From $400 Million to $200 Million – Here’s How

Well, a few years ago, Johnny Depp was Hollywood’s golden boy, known for his quirky collaborations with Tim Burton and his stellar roles as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. No longer. He was released from the franchise and his net worth increased from $400 million to $200 million. Like most breakdowns, it got incredibly complicated.

$30,000 a Month on Wine

$30,000 a month for wine seems a bit excessive. But that seems to be standard operating procedure for Depp, who is rarely seen without a drink in hand these days. Some items are stored in an air-conditioned wine cellar. But Johnny and his hangers-on, of which there are many, drink a hell of a lot. And then there’s the pot. But that’s another story.

He SpendsĀ $3.6 Million A Year For Staff Of 40 And On-Call Doctor

As we shall see, Johnny has no shortage of places to live. And everyone is fully booked. Plus, there’s a 24/7 security detail for Johnny and his kids from Vanessa Paradis. His personal security staff is known to be a bit aggressive, not only towards the fans, but towards Johnny himself. And then there’s a personal doctor on call. Everything is totally out of control.

Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?

$18 Million On a Yacht

Of course, if you’re Johnny Depp, you need a yacht. So he spent $18 million on the 156-foot-long beauty, which also required hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in maintenance and personnel costs. When money got into trouble, he sold the yacht to none other than J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame.

He Spent $5 Million on Canon To Blast Dead Friend’s Ashes

Hunter S. Thompson was a man’s man, an absolutely insane writer and journalist who was as out of his element as Johnny Depp himself. When Thompson died in 2005, his body was cremated. To give his friend a proper send-off, Johnny paid around $5 million for a special cannon to blast his ashes over Aspen, Colorado. It was quite a sight to see. Think fireworks and you have the general idea.

Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?

Real Estate Junkie Who Spent $70 Million on Property

Let’s start with the big one: Johnny owns a 45-acre chateau and village in the south of France near Saint-Tropez. At one point he had 13 other residences. His 5 (yes 5!) homes in the Hollywood Hills are worth around $19 million. Us Weekly reported that he wanted to “build underground tunnels” to connect them all. The man must be stopped.

Bought Private Islands – price over 5 million dollars

Well, if you have a yacht, you need a private island to go on it, right? So Depp paid over $5 million for an island in the Bahamas. True to form, he called it the “F” word island. He didn’t really spend much time there. He was too restless and restless with all the peace and quiet. That doesn’t mean his roving family and hangers-on don’t feel right at home there.

$200,000 a Month for a Private Jet

Don’t expect to see Johnny Depp and his entourage strapped into seats on a commercial airline. No, just a private jet is enough. Price? $200,000 per month. Remember when he and Amber got in hot water for smuggling their dogs into Australia? Allegedly, the dogs were transported from the States by private plane.

Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?

Millions and Millions on Artwork, Guitars and Movie Memorabilia

The secret is out! Johnny Depp is a hoarder. He spent millions upon millions on guitars, artwork and movie memorabilia. That doesn’t even take into account the cost of storing things in warehouses. If things don’t improve for Johnny, you could be in for an episode or two of Warehouse Wars.

His Tax Bill is Killing Him

First, the guy doesn’t file his taxes on time. Second, it is a bit lax when it comes to payment. There’s a lot of finger-pointing, Depp blaming lawyers, accountants and professionals who say Johnny just dropped the ball and didn’t do what he needed to do. Result? About $6 million went to pay penalties and interest to the Internal Revenue Service.

Did His Managers Defraud Him?

Johnny Depp is suing his managers The Management Group (TMG) for $25 million for fraud and mismanagement of his money. A truly messy process would follow, but the parties reached a confidential settlement a month before trial in 2018. Right? Problems arose due to Depp’s extravagant spending and TMG’s shenanigans.

Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?

Mooching Family

where to start His sister Christi ran his production company and “relieved” him some $7 million. He bought his mother Betty Sue a horse farm in Kentucky and hired another sister and her family to run it. Guess what? Sister and her family were having a great time, spending money like it was going out of fashion. Depp claimed that his managers, TMG, did not bother to tell him about the situation for years.

He Isn’t As Bankable At The Box Office As He Once Was

Let’s face it, Amber Heard and that messy divorce was Johnny’s downfall in Hollywood. People called him offensive and said he should never be cast in movies again. Then came Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, accusing her of abuse. Is the tide turning? Maybe. But just look at him. It’s such a mess right now. It’s all too sad.

Expensive Settlements for Amber Heard and Vanessa Paradis

When Depp and Amber Heard divorced, he ended up paying her $7 million. And that doesn’t include things like the $400,000 diamond cuff he bought her while they were talking. His split from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis in 2012 didn’t come cheap, with some estimates costing him $127 million to pay the mother of his two children.

Johnny Depp Has Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, But Is He Really Broke?

Lawsuit After Lawsuit After Lawsuit

He is suing Amber Heard for $50 million. He sued The Management Group (TMG). He was sued by former bodyguards who claimed he failed to pay them. Sued a lawyer or two. As part of TMG’s lawsuit, TMG leaked that Depp paid a number of lawyers to draft various “payment settlements.” The mind boggles at what it could be about.

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