How to create Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19?


If you look back at the development of Minecraft, Bedrock Edition users have always been the ones to call for feature parity. But for a change, a significant group of blocks that debuted in the game with the 1.19 release were absent from the Java version of the game. We’re referring to the underappreciated waterlogged leaves, which are also attractive and fire and bomb proof. The wet leaves block can be used in a variety of ways, including house construction, traps, and defense. So let’s finally look at this eagerly anticipated feature and see how to create wet leaves in every version of Minecraft.

The purpose of the wet leaves will be discussed first, followed by how they are made. However, you can use the table to jump right to the crafting stage.

How to create Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19?

Waterlogged leaves in Minecraft are, as the name implies, leaves that have water trapped inside of them. Even though it could appear to be a bug, Minecraft Bedrock edition has had this functionality on purpose for some time.

There is no crafting recipe for waterlogged leaves in Minecraft, unlike other valuable blocks. Instead, creating a waterlogged version of a leaves block merely requires emptying a bucket of water on it. These blocks can be used with this technique:

How to create Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19?

  1. Azalea Leaves
  2. Jungle leaves
  3. Dark Oak Leaves
  4. Oak Leaves
  5. Birch Leaves
  6. Spruce Leaves
  7. Mangrove Leaves
  8. Acacia Leaves

Despite the apparent differences among the blocks, they all have the same function. Additionally, the process for making a flooded version of each of them is the same.

In order to create waterlogged leaves in Minecraft, you must first obtain a bucket of water. Simply use a crafting table in Minecraft and the recipe shown in the screenshot below to combine three iron ingots. You must go to a water source and right-click to obtain a bucket of water once your bucket is prepared.

Bucket in Minecraft Recipe

In order to obtain wet leaves in Minecraft, you must equip a bucket of water and approach a block of leaves. The leaves block will then become a waterlogged leaves block after you right-click on it to release the water inside of it. Keep in mind that you cannot pick up the wet block since, when shattered, it would release all of the water. It also doesn’t work to enchant your tools with silk touch.

Using Waterlogged Blocks Creatively in Minecraft

With that, you can now create blocks in Minecraft by combining other materials with wet leaves. The flooded blocks can be used to start fresh aquaponic farms or test out some creative Minecraft home designs. The best Minecraft custom maps are the ones to draw inspiration from if you’re in need of ideas. However, if you want to add more blocks to your build, you don’t have to stop at wet leaves. The family of sculk blocks, which was included with the 1.19 update to Minecraft, is a great choice for changing the appearance of your base. However, they are most effectively utilised as the greatest sculk XP farm in Minecraft.

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