Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Preview!


Fortnite X Marvel is a series of comic books containing five issues, which will release from chapter 3: Season 3 and will have a final issue in Chapter 3: Season 4. The comic book has gained a massive fan-base with its release from June 2022. The comic book is written by veteran Marvel writer Christos Gage along with Epic Games Chief Creative Officer, Donald Mustard and is drawn by artist Sergio Davila.


Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Preview!

The plot revolves around an island whose inhabitants are in serious danger and seem to be locked in a never-ending war. The only ray of hope that can save them is the crystallized fragment of Zero Point, which was cast into the Marvel Universe. The Zero Point is a nexus orb, which is believed to be the source of all life forms. It cycles through countless realities per second, and can be used as an infinite power source or as a bridge to other realities. It possesses the power to alter reality in any possible. Spider-Man and Wolverine team up with several Fortnite fighters to hunt down the Zero Shard. Can the catastrophe be averted? Will our heroes be able to save the universe?


Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Preview!

The official trailer is of 1 minute and 23 seconds. The trailer shows the collision of two universe namely, Fortnite and Marvel, which occurred due to the fragment of Zero Point being cast into the Marvel Universe. The heroes have to join up to save the world by finding the Zero Shard.

Watch the trailer!


Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Preview!

Jones : Former Imagined Order who allied with The Seven to protect The Zero Point.

Spider-Man : A superhero on the mission to find the Zero Shard.

Wolverine : Ally of The Seven.

The Imagined : One of The Seven and sister of The Order.

The Foundation : Leader of The Seven. Commander of Reality Zero Forces.

The Order : One of The Seven and the sister of The Imagined.

The Scientist : The smartest member and engineer of The Seven.

The Visitor : Navigator of The Seven.

The Origin : Former King of Cubes and field tactician of The Seven.

The Paradigm : Missing member of The Seven.

Doctor Doom : Ruler of Latveria and a supervillain.

Shuri : Princess of Wakanda.

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