Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!


Since birth, Na-kyum was an exceptionally talented painter. He used to paint erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under an alias, he has decided to quit painting. But his painting has caught the eye of a young nobleman, Yoon Seungho, who is notoriously known for his insatiable lust. When Seungho discovers him, he denies being a painter. Seungho then attacks his assistant with a sword for lying. Seeing the horrific scene, Na-kyum loses consciousness, and is brought to Seungho’s mansion. Seungho basically threatens Na-kyum into becoming his private painter. But Na-kyum couldn’t have imagined for what he actually signed up for?


Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!

Painter of the Night is a BL manhwa created by Byeonduck. She is of Korean origin. According to Byeonduck, she gets inspiration to create her comic from watching her favorite historical movies. Byeonduck takes attention on varied expressions, beauty, composition and character individuality in her creative process drawing.

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Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!

The chapter is not out yet, but do keep following us and we will ensure that you remain updated with future releases.


Yoon Seungho : He is one of the main protagonist of Painter of the Night. He is the first-born son and the black sheep of the Yoon family, which is now on the verge of decline after having its fair share of reputation in the past. He is a young nobleman, who is notoriously famous for his insatiable lust. He is tall and of muscular build, with toned muscles and a sharp jawline. He has fair skin and long black hair tied up into a topknot. He has an impatient and a cold blooded nature.

Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!

Baek Na-kyum : He is also one of the main protagonists of Painter of the Night. He is a lowborn and was raised at the house of kisaengs. He is an exceptionally talented painter. He would often draw men engaging in sodomy. He is of timid nature with a pale face and cropped hair, which often makes people mistake him as a servant.

Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!

Jung Inhun : he is referred to as “The Learned Sir” by Na-kyum. He is the ex- love interest of Na-kyum. He was the teacher of Na-kyum for a very brief period of time and was the one who criticized Na-kyum for his erotic paintings, which lead lead him to quit painting and live his life as a drunkard.

Painter Of The Night: Chapter 107 Updates!

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