All You Need to Know About One Piece Chapter 1050!


Initial spoilers for One Piece chapter 1050 were made public yesterday night, apparently foreshadowing some unfavourable outcomes in the Luffy against Kaido conflict. With new One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers stating that the narrator retracts their earlier triumph statement, those developments have now grown a little more certain.

One Piece chapter 1050’s proclamation of Luffy’s victory may or may not signal the end of the conflict, depending on how the dialogue is chosen, but this seems more than likely. Unfortunately, it appears that Kaido versus Luffy is over in One Piece chapter 1050, and that the Wano arc is about to come to a conclusion based on the information that is currently accessible.

All You Need to Know About One Piece Chapter 1050!

One Piece chapter 1050’s initial spoilers were published last night, as was already reported, much to the initial delight of fans worldwide. However, after reading the initial spoilers, many fans felt let down for reasons that later leaked information seemed to not only confirm but also emphasise. The official title of the chapter, “Glory,” and the cover page, which depicts Reiju and Ichiji travelling to Whole Cake Island to aid Yonji and Niji, serve as the issue’s first spoilers. With Big Mom present, the issue’s narrative opens with Kaido plunging into the Wano mainland’s subterranean magma.

Then, in a flashback featuring Toko and Yasuie, viewers are informed that the latter ate the same SMILE Fruit as the former so she wouldn’t have to laugh by alone. Then, Nekomamushi declares Luffy the winner in front of everyone in Onigashima, jokingly asserting that he is indeed the true victor. Zunesha is informed by Momonosuke, who is still a dragon, that Wano’s borders would eventually be opened but not at this time. He flies to the Flower Capital after that and changes back into his adult human form, which is hidden by the smoke created by the metamorphosis. From the smoke, Hiyori and the Red Scabbards emerge, and Denjiro declares that he is presenting the new Shogun of Wano, who is most likely Momonosuke.

All You Need to Know About One Piece Chapter 1050!

Two separate rounds of new information have recently been released. Around 7 AM EST on May 25, the first round of new spoiler information was released. It states that there is “no risk in Onigashima,” probably referring to the enormous underwater volcano explosion that the spoilers also mention taking place. People at Udon prison and residents in the Flower Capital can both view the explosion because it is so large. The latter site is known because Babanuki, who served as Udon prison’s former warden during Luffy’s stint there, is depicted. Momonosuke, however, assures the residents of Flower Capital that they don’t need to be concerned or scared. An hour and a half later, at around 8.30 AM EST, the second set of fresh spoilers was made public.

According to the most recent information, the narrator of One Piece chapter 1050 states that the previous outcome of Luffy versus Kaido would be revised. The narrator formally declares Luffy the victor of the “decisive fight in the sky of Wanokuni” as the undersea volcano erupts. The word “in the sky” has been added, which many fans have noticed. Some fans are hoping that this is a hint that Kaido and possibly Big Mom aren’t out for the count just yet.

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