Everything you need to know about What If…? Season 3!


If you are a true Marvel fan or an admirer of creations of Marvel Studios and MCU also known as, Marvel Cinematic Universe, you must have heard about the “What If…?” series. If not, then let us guide you through what it is

“What If…?” Series

For those who don’t know, What If…? is an American animated anthology series created by A. C. Bradley for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. It is the fourth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, and the studio’s first animated series. The series explores alternate timelines in the multiverse that show what would happen if major moments from the MCU films occurred differently. Bradley serves as head writer with Bryan Andrews directing.

The Earlier Seasons

The first season of What If…?<span;> premiered on August 11, 2021, and ran for nine episodes until October 6. It is part of Phase Four of the MCU. A second nine-episode season is expected to premiere in 2022. The series has received generally positive reviews, with praise for the voice acting, animation, creative storylines, and scenarios, although the episode length and writing received some criticism. A Marvel Zombies series, based on one of the What If…? episodes, is in development.
Following the establishment of the multiverse in the season one finale of Loki, What If…? explores various alternate timelines of the multiverse in which major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films occur differently, as observed by the Watcher.

In the second season, following the formation of the Guardians of the Multiverse, the Watcher continues to explore more strange worlds, meeting new heroes and keeping the multiverse safe.

Return of What If…? with a third season

And now that it is back with another season, we’ll take you on a ride to its release date, expected spoilers and everything else-

RELEASE DATE- Although release date of the web series What If…? Season 3 is yet to announce, but as per sources it will be releasing in 2023 on Various digital platform of DisneyPlus worldwide.

What If…? Season 3 Web Seriese Expected Story Plot-

Following the rebirth of the multiverse in the season one finale of Loki, What If…? Season 3 explores the various alternate timelines of the multiverse in which major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films occur differently, as the omniscient Watcher observes what he is seeing and explains each timeline’s divergence. Following the formation of the Guardians of the Multiverse (originally to take down a variant of Ultron that posed a threat to the Multiverse), the Watcher continues to meet new heroes and strange worlds in the MCU multiverse.

What If…? Season 3 Cast

This season will also see the return of the old cast and crew like- Jeffrey Wright, Hayley Atwell, Sean Gunn, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Rooker, Josh Brolin, Tom Hiddleston, Paul Rudd, Dominic Cooper, Djimon Hounsou, Mark Ruffalo, David Dastmalchian, Samuel L. Jackson,Sebastian Stan, Michael Douglas, Toby Jones, Chris Sullivan, Karen Gillan, Michael B. Jordan, Stanley Tucci, Jeff Goldblum, Neal McDonough, Taika Waititi, Frank Grillo and Natalie Portman.

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