What Can Tom Hardy possibly do to Make us Love him More?


Fans had a mixed reaction to the 2018 Venom movie when it first hit theatres. Although it was a good movie, both critics and audiences gave it bad ratings. David Edelstein, a critic for Vulture, claimed that Tom Hardy was the only reason to watch. Eddie Brock and Venom are portrayed by Hardy and Hardy, respectively. People may have issues with the movie’s narrative, but they can’t help but laud Hardy for his flawless performance. He is a natural for the part, therefore it’s hard to picture any other actor filling the shoes. Still not persuaded?

Here are some reasons why Hardy is the unique Eddie Brock/Venom:

1. Played an anti-hero and a comic book villain.

Hardy’s prior experience as a comic book character is one of his assets. He played the role of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’ supervillian Bane. For someone who is going to play a character born out of pure evilness, the level of effort required to play such a part is crucial. Additionally, he played an anti-hero in the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s hardly a superhero film, but it is one of Hardy’s most enduring performances. His ability to portray such a wide range of challenging characters further strengthens his acting chops.

What Can Tom Hardy possibly do to Make us Love him More?

2. Multiple Characters Done In One Film.

Although it is simple to portray the same role for the duration of the movie, Hardy is capable of more.Hardy played two identical twins with distinct personalities and goals in the film Legend. One is a smart type, while the other is a psychologically unstable one. Changing characters frequently is challenging, but for his roles as Venom and Eddie Brock, this is a big advantage.

3. Former Venom actor praises him.

Topher Grace’s portrayal of the erstwhile Venom was unpopular among Spider-Man 3 viewers. The actor concurred that this was the case and that he was unsuited for the part. Eddie Brock should have been heavier, but Tom Hardy nicely complemented his thinner frame. Grace was ecstatic to learn that Hardy would play the part because he felt he would do the part right. Hardy, according to him, was the finest option. It’s good to hear actors compliment one another for a part they’ve both played before.

What Can Tom Hardy possibly do to Make us Love him More?

4. He has the perfect fit for Venom.

Compared to Grace, Hardy has a bigger, more muscular body. Additionally, he has facial characteristics and mannerisms that fit Eddie Brock’s persona. Fans are aware of how muscular he can get, particularly if they have seen him in the biopic film Bronson.

5. His son is a big Venom fam

Louis Hardy, who is a huge fan of Venom, served as inspiration for the actor in choosing the part. In order for his son to witness it on the big screen, he wanted to do something. Louis consequently pointed out his father’s shortcomings and critiqued his performance. Hardy used it as motivation to work harder and do a better job of portraying Venom or Eddie Brock.

There are literally no reason why Tom Hardy shouldn’t play Venom. He is the perfect man to play the role of Venom out there.

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