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Destiny is a free online multiplayer game that came out on 9th September 2014. It can be played on PlayStations and XBox. It is a multiplayer game with a shared world where the nature, elements, environment and humans survive together. It also has an element of Mythic Science Fiction. With Bungie as its developer and Activision as its publisher, Destiny was released worldwide. In 2019, Bungie seperated from Activision and went on to become sole publisher of Destiny. There are two modes in the game which include PvE and PvP meaning Person versus Environment and Person versus Person respectively. Beside playing in normal story mission, one can also play with three player ‘strikes’ and six player ‘raids’ in the PvE mode.

According to reports, the comment was given in an interview with Jacob Benton, the design director for Bungie, by the Japanese gaming publication 4gamer. Benton began by restating that Destiny 2 was Bungie’s primary focus and that this focus remained consistent with all of the company’s existing goals. Benton concluded by saying that there were no plans to abandon Destiny 2. He continues by pointing out that Bungie is still working on The Witch Queen and Lightfall, among other new storylines and expansions for Destiny 2.

Benton may argue in favour of a rough roadmap outlining Bungie’s current ambitions for Destiny 2. He notes that the release of The Witch Queen is currently scheduled for 2022. From there, he makes reference to Lightfall, which is said to be the sequel to The Witch Queen and the next part of the game. But Benton doesn’t stop there. He feels that Destiny 2 could probably use another chapter, especially one that takes place far from Lightfall. He also makes it plain that Bungie wants Destiny 2 to continue serving as the vehicle for that narrative.
If The Witch Queen debuts in 2022 and each major addition after that takes a year or longer to launch, the earliest optimal release date for Destiny 2 DLC would be 2024. However, 2025 won’t be a fantastic choice either, as Bungie has informally pegged that year as the potential launch date for their new IP. Obviously, the team behind the new IP is separate from the one behind Destiny 2, but that doesn’t imply Bungie would want to release something as significant as Destiny 3 in the same year it’s attempting to release a new IP.
It is therefore pretty obvious to understand what Bungie’s goals are, even though Benton doesn’t expressly claim that the release of Destiny 3 won’t happen until at least 2026 or even that it will ever happen. For Destiny 2, it has a plot in mind that includes a resolution. That result is at least a few years away, in 2024. Bungie may then release another game after that. If Bungie so wanted, it could then begin development on Destiny 3.

    Release date on Destiny 3 still remains unanswered.

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